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No companion limit, no lonely DLCs.

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Disclaimer: Any visual differences between your game and the screenshots displayed here are not caused by this mod. This mod does not add any items or change the appearance of any items/NPCs/things.*

Note, since I have been made aware of it in the comments:
If anyone would like to translate this mod into another language (or languages), feel free to do so.
Currently it only seems to work with the English version of the game.

Additional Notes/FAQ: Since I've not played FNV for years, I've kinda stopped working on the mod, and I apologize that it took me this long to address some of the questions in the comments, but here goes.

Does it work with TTW?
I have been told it does, though obviously it does not apply to FO3 followers. This mod only modifies the conditions for FNV followers so they don't complain when you already have another FNV follower, however I've been told that FNV followers don't care whether you already have an FO3 follower with you so there's that.

ED-E isn't following when I have Rex/vice versa?
I am unsure what would cause this, you might want to check any other mods you have that affect followers. I've specifically tested this with ED-E and Rex, both ways, and it worked, so it might be something else messing up.

Does it work with JIP companions?
JIP likely overrides some follower/companion stuff and I've personally never used it. According to the comments on this, using my mod and JIP can fork up so be wary of that.

Does it work with non-vanilla/modded companions?
Modded companions usually have their own scripts and whatnot so whether they do or don't get along with vanilla companions is entirely up to whichever modded follower you're using.

Does it work with DLC companions?
It does not. As stated somewhere in the description, you can take base game followers into the DLCs (except ED-E into Lonesome Road) but the DLC followers are not affected by this mod.

Addition. Optional file which is identical to the main file except that none of the companions have a wait sandbox.
I figured, as I was running in circles around Novac looking for Boone and Mr Gannon (eventually finding one behind the gas station and the other leaning on the railing in front of my hotel room), maybe some people would like their companions to just stay where they are.

A thing.That thing I said this mod did with companions drawing their weapons? It wasn't working. It should be with the newest files. One can keep the previous version if one does not care about that. (Although there is a semi-useless script floating about in there. Bit silly, really.)

Not so much an update as a small addition! ED-E does appear to stray farther than other companions when sandboxing (that is not a word) so there's an optional file that should have the floaty ball stay where it is when told to wait.

An update! Fixed satellite script, I hope. Apologies to anyone who has experienced that noise - if it's any consolation, it happened to me too when I tested it.
As a random addition, this new version also contains a script that should make (vanilla) followers draw weapons when the courier does.
And then I uploaded the wrong file. I think. Everything should be fine now though. I'm just not very good at everything.


This is simple: It will let you have more than one follower at a time (that includes Rex and ED-E) plus take them with you into the DLCs (that excludes ED-E in Lonesome Road because it would be awkward).

On top of that, there were some small oddities I tampered with.
- Raul has a Lucky 38 Sandbox now instead of awkwardly standing around like some sort of social reject
- all followers hop around when told to wait (not literally hop - they sandbox)
- Raul repairs crap everywhere; you still have to pay him but you can get your caps back from his inventory if you want to be a jerk about it
- Arcade was doing this weird thing where he wouldn't keep his distance when I told him to so I think I fixed that

I've been playing with this for 60 120+ hours now and gone through Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Dead Money and Lonesome Road. Nothing has exploded. Boone is kind of being a bit finicky; I asked him to follow me as a second companion and he went, "Sure", then wandered off but when I asked him again he said, "Sure", and MEANT IT.
I did Veronica's, Raul's and Boone's quests no problem, each with at least one other human companion in tow.
(Also, companions may stare at you during slideshows and block half the screen. Not my fault.)

Note: If you tell Arcade to wait and he randomly disappears from where you've left him, he's likely to be somewhere west of Helios One for reasons I don't quite understand. I don't know if that's a bug for me personally or for everyone, but thought it worth mentioning anyway. Guess he does have a mind of his own. (If not there, use your map to find his marker. I swear to God I don't know what the heck is wrong with this man.)
Edit: Okay, apparently, for some reason, many a follower chooses this exact spot to hang out whenever they're told to wait. I've just found Raul somewhere west of Helios One as well. Just fyi.

Dead Money companions are not included. You can have Vanilla companions and then pick up Dog, Dean or Christine but you can't have two of those three at the same time. Or three of them, for that matter.
The Transportalponder script has been adjusted so that followers will be transportalpon- transportel- teleported to and from the Big MT. They do tend to pop up inside the Sink instead of on the Balcony, though. Do not be alarmed.
Note on Transportalponder: Due to the fact that I edited that script, this mod may interfere with other mods that edit it.

The file obviously requires the four story DLCs.
I'm not aware of any serious, game-breaking issues but if one or more are found, for the love of God, I want to be informed. (Assuming anyone in the world is even still in need of a mod like this. Seems people are!)


*Here's which visual mods were in use for the screenshots.
Fallout Character Overhaul (Drumber)
Good Ol' Pipboy (invock)
Healthier Yao Guais (Sinvence)
Leather Backpack (d_ivanov)
NCR Trooper Overhaul (dragbody)
NMC's Texture Pack Small (NMC)
Rex Retexture (ma1025) (Rex actually in first picture, hiding behind Cass.)
URWLNV Ultimate Edition v2.0 (Marcurios - ModDB link)