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Adds the 10mm SMG from Fallout 1 & 2 to New Vegas.

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Update 2.0

Now there's 2 mods added to the game, a drum magazine that increases ammo capacity with 100% and a compensator that reduces spread. You should be able to by it from the Gunrunners shop.
Secondly I now have a Pip-boy icon made by RavenD.

First of all let me explain some stuff.
This is not a replacer and in game the SMG is called "10mm Machine Pistol".
It doesn't hold 30 bullets as it does in the original Fallout since the New Vegas 10mm SMG holds 30 rounds and the magazine for the classic SMG is smaller in size so it holds 20 bullets.
If you do not like this then feel free to open it up and mess with it in the GECK.

Is it in the leveled list?

Hope so or I did alot of work for no reason (script wouldn't work:S).

Will there be mods?

Probably, but first I'll have to make a pip-boy icon and some small stuff like that.

One final note, this mod is using one of Millenia's cube maps for now but that'll change in the coming days once I look up on how you make cube maps.