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Adds some much needed Project Nevada functionality to Tales from the Burning Sands

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Update: Minor update adding in Tiger Firestorm grenades to the Grenade list

Planned future updates: Giving grenades/mines more logical hotkey icons than they currently have, and adding in chargeable weapon support.

This is a small patch that adds, in my opinion, much longed for Project Nevada compatibility to Puce Moose's excellent Tales from the Burning Sands (aka this is one of those mods you probably don't realize you want until it's made).

What does it do?

All the new ingestibles added by Tales have been updated to include Project Nevada Rebalance functions/conditions. Food will only heal if you've got the "Food heals" option set, raw ingredients have the proper "raw" penalties, fresh foods have "fresh" benefits etc.

It also adds all throwable explosives/plantable mines to Project Nevada's hotkey system, so now you can quick plant Audrey in the heat of combat :). This is done via script, so shouldn't conflict with any other mods that change these form ids.

Also "fixes" a few minor capitalization errors ("Crimson Scorpion pie" is now "Crimson Scorpion Pie" - I'm very anally retentive.. what can I say?)

A small change, but I'm a stickler for such things and I figure more people than me would enjoy this.

Credits go to Puce Moose for Tales from the Burning Sands and the Project Nevada team for Project Nevada.

Load order shouldn't matter, as long as you put this patch below both of the required masters (shouldn't be too difficult, as they're esm files, and this is an esp)

Will obviously conflict with anything else that changes Tales' ingestibles, but I haven't come across any other mods that do.

Mod has been fully cleaned and vetted.