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Allows you to see both Damage Threshold and Damage Resistance at the same time while using Darnified UI.

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It bothered me that Damage and DPS were made to be always visible, but not DT and DR. It's understandable because DR is not very prevalent in the vanilla game, but some mods do make it relevant, so it became a real pain not being able to see all the information you need.

This is an extremely small tweak, and I am in no way qualified to do UI mods, I simply utilized what DarN had already provided. I take no credit for this.

  • Darnified UI (Currently unavailable)
  • A mod that adds DR to armors

  • Install with mod manager of your choice.

Mods that edit item_stats_display_inventory.xml or inventory_menu.xml are incompatible. I can provide compatibility patches if necessary.

Installer will handle compatibility for the following mods:

Questions and Answers
  • Q: The DR field is appearing at the top of my Pip-Boy, but not on items. Why?
  • A: It will not appear on items if they have no DR -- you'll have to install another mod for that. As far as I can tell, because of how the UI elements are handled, I don't believe I can make the field appear at all times.