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Added: 13/03/2014 - 02:00AM
Updated: 06/08/2015 - 01:47PM

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Last updated at 13:47, 6 Aug 2015 Uploaded at 2:00, 13 Mar 2014

Sneak up on robots and disable them like vanilla but now you can make them self-destruct and with the second rank you'll be able to reprogram them to follow you!

First Rank:
  • +25% damage to robots
  • Deactivate robots
  • Make robots Self-Destruct
  • if you use the Sonic emitter (revelation) on a robot, you can disable it without sneaking.

Second Rank also includes:
  • Reprogram robots to fight by your side
  • Open the robots inventory, as they're still alive!
  • Tell them to wait or follow you

You need to be level 12 and your science skill need to be atleast 50 before you can take this perk, same as vanilla.

This mod is incompatible with any other mod that changes the Robotics Expert perk.

BIG THANKS TO Cdr248 for comming up with a solution to the no-follow problem.

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