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This malkavian or Mercutio without Head

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Road Fighter Armor for dangerous Mojave couriers

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This mod adds the Road Fighter Armor to the game. Check the image section for comparison.


You will find the armor around Sloun (see screenshot).


1. Unpack the file and copy the content into your Data folder. Or use FOMM/ NMM.
2. Make sure the archiveinvalidation is on.


Remove the files RoadFighterArmorEN.bsa and RoadFighterArmorEN.esp from your Data folder. Or use FOMM/ NMM.


This mod doesn't conflict with other mods. Should you find something, please let me know in the comment section.


No bugs are known at this time. This mod has been thoroughly tested and should be bug free, but mistakes do happen. If you discover any issues or errors, please share them in the mod comment section.


Black Isle and Leonard Boyarsky - Fallout universe
Bethesda and Obsidian Studios - Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas


Do not upload this mod on other sites!
You can not convert my files to other games without my permission.
You can not modify or improve features my file adds to the game and upload it as a separate file without my permission.
You can not use my assets in your own files without my permission.