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This was a character I was working on for Fallout 4, but with a voiced protagonist, I''ll probably use him elsewhere.

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Vincent Vincent - A Demo Companion by Kris Takahashi


If you like Vincent, try my little indie game, Out of Shapes, on Steam


Vincent Vincent is a demo companion created by Kris Takahashi, author of Interesting NPCs for Skyrim, with a view to turning him into a fully fleshed character whenever Fallout 4 is released.

As of now, Vincent does not come with his own quest. You can find him hanging around outside the Boulder City saloon. A short conversation will enable him as a follower. He has several lines of dialogue and will drop comments at certain locations. He is moulded to be as gritty and irreverent as the wasteland he lives in. Be warned: he is not terribly particular about his language so if you don't like hearing profanities, don't use this mod. A few lines are still unvoiced.

Vincent knows basic survival skills so you can ask him to set up a campfire. Being his own man and not an all-purpose kit, he won't craft for you or do anythng else besides shooting your enemies. If dismissed, he will return to the saloon. However, for convenience, you can set a custom home for him.

At this stage, feedback is important and welcome to know if he fits in the Fallout world. So give him a whirl, put him through his paces and tell us what you liked or disliked about him and what would make him the kind of companion you want to see in Fallout.



Vincent Vincent should be compatible with any mod manager, including FOMM and NMM.

Archive Invalidation must be toggled on. Make sure bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1 is present in Fallout_Default.ini.

The esp is false flagged as an esm to get rid of the skin tone mismatch. You can place it anywhere in your load order. Normally this would be wherever companion esps are placed by BOSS. If you prefer to try out LOOT, the successor to BOSS, you can find it here.


Deactivate and uninstall the mod via the mod manager of your choice.



Vincent Vincent is voiced by the talented Damien Lacambra
Mod built by nonoodles

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Interior Lighting Overhaul by Sarge198

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