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Much like the Bobbleheads in Fallout 3, the Snow globes in New Vegas will now grant SPECIAL points.

You'll first get the Vanilla Snow Globes effects when they are on the display.
When you pickup the DLC Snow Globes the effects will apply immediately.

Changelog v1.2

  • Fixed; When you placed Snow globes on the display, you wouldn't get any perks.

Which Snow Globes gives What

  • Goodsprings - Strength

  • Hoover Dam - Intelligence

  • Mormon Fort - Charisma

  • Mt. Charleston - Agility

  • Nellis AFB - Perception

  • Test Site - Endurance

  • The Strip - Luck

Note: if you already have the Vanilla Snow Globes
then you will get their effects.

DLC Snow Globes

  • Sierra Madre Casino - +15 Barter

  • Zion National Park - +15 Survival

  • Big MT - +15 Medicine

  • Lonesome Road - +15 Guns

Note: if you already have the DLC Snow Globes
then you won't get their effects.

This mod is incompatible with any mod that modifies the DLC Snow Globe scripts.

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