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Project Nevada weapon charging added to Elijah's Tesla Cannon. Cut a swath of Tesla destruction across the Wastes!

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PNx Chargeable Tesla Cannon Deathray

For all his genius, Elijah sure didn't modify his jury-rigged Tesla Cannon very much...

This patch will allow Elijah's Tesla Cannon to "charge up", utilizing Project Nevada's built-in features. A first-tier charge will "simply" create a solid continuous beam of Tesla goodness for 2.5 seconds. With a full two tier charge, the glorious majesty of Nikola is fully realized: that same continuous beam now ends with additional AoE concussive damage.

Technical details:
  • Custom projectile combines properties from PN's Rail Cannon and the original Tesla Cannon.
  • While in charged firing mode, weapon spread and damage have been adjusted to assure balance.
  • Tier 2 charge capable of knocking down soft targets; controlled via PN Rebalance knockdown option.
  • Uses 15/30 ammo per tier1/tier 2 charge.
  • Weapon unchanged when in non-charged mode.
Enjoy your new Beacon of ECP-guzzling fun!

  • Old World Blues
  • Project Nevada Core module (optionally Rebalance)
  • If your charging meter becomes non-responsive, first make sure you have 15-30 ammo in the clip and, secondly, try unequipping/equipping the Cannon with a hotkey.
  • If you use Project Nevada's Equipment module, create a merge patch to properly use all chargeable weapons.