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This Requires NVSE!

This mod adds some emplacement guns that can be picked up and placed nearly every where for player use. It functions very similarly to the Emplacement Gun from Half-Life 2.

The only way to acquire the normal one is to purchase it from the Gun Runners for a hefty amount of caps (8000 - 19000 caps depending on your Barter skill). They restock it every three days but don't buy a second one unless you lose the first one somehow. The gun itself is a Light Machine Gun at first, but it can be replaced later. The mounted gun never has to be reloaded as long as it has the appropriate ammo in the ammo box below it.

To place it, drop the packed emplacement, activate it, then click "Unpack". The unpacking is a little wonky, but I don't really know how to fix it.
To use the gun, activate the ammo box, then click "Use Mounted Gun" then click to fire, but remember to put ammo in the box first! When using the mounted gun you will be forced to first person view due to the lack of proper using animations, and you will be unable to pull out your weapons. To stop using the gun either walk away from it, or select "Dismount gun" from the menu.

To pack everything back up, just select "Pack Up".

In/after V. 2.00 You can swap the mounted gun with something else and there are now two more types of emplacements.
In order to swap a gun, make sure you have one in your inventory, activate the ammo box/battery and then select "Switch to <gun name>" This will not remove the gun from your inventory, but if you mount the gun then drop yours it will be removed from the mount.

The list of guns that can be swapped to are:
-Light Machine Gun (Default)
-Assault Carbine
-12.7mm SMG
-Riot Shotgun

The first of the new emplacements can be bought from the Silver Rush for 12000 to 28000 caps and weighs 90 pounds. It starts off with a Laser RCW but can later be swapped with a Gatling Laser if you so desire.

The second/final emplacement so far is a howitzer that can be found somewhere around/in Nellis AFB. It doesn't have to be bought but it is still worth a considerable amount of caps (16000), and it weighs a hefty 150 pounds. It doesn't have an ammo box like the others, and instead draws missiles straight from the player's inventory. It has a 3 second reload time and fires in a slight arc.

With the Classic Fallout Weapons version it adds a 50 Cal. M2 BMG emplacement gun that can be bought/stolen from Contreras in the NCR Supply Shack located in Camp McCarran. It weighs 120 pounds and costs between 10000 and 20000 caps depending on your barter skill. This pack requires Classic Fallout Weapons in order to work.

Latest Version

V 2.00

-Added a howitzer that can be taken from Nellis AFB.
--Weighs 150 pounds
--Worth 16000 caps
--Cannot be rotated upwards

-Added an energy emplacement that can be bought/stolen from the Silver Rush
--Weighs 90 pounds
--Worth 12000 caps
--Starts with Laser RCW
---Can be swapped out with a Gatling Laser if you have one on you.

-LMG can be swapped for another gun if you have one on you.
--Assault Carbine
--12.7mm SMG
--Riot Shotgun


If you load a previous save after you have moved the emplacement it will have no collision until you go to the main menu and reload or restart the game. I have no clue what causes this.

There is no limit on how far you can rotate the gun. I consider this an unintended feature.


1: Install NVSE if you don't already have it.
2: Drop the Meshes folder and EmplacementGun.esp into your Fallout New Vegas Data Folder or hit "Download with Manager"
3: Activate EmplacementGun.esp in any way of your choosing.

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-M2 BMG-
Author Unknown.
**Model Edited heavily by Einherjrar, Verified free release**
FO3Compile/Format: Einherjrar
Texture: Einherjrar