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Adds 3 brand new weapons and 1 new ammo type to FNV.

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Adds new weapons to F:NV, seamlessly integrated into levelled lists via script along with new sounds & custom icons.

Details: Based on the G11 prototype assault rifle, this burst fire weapon is as accurate as it is deadly. Balanced for late game, the Gun Runners & NCR elite are amongst the only confirmed sources to keep this weapon in stock.
4.7mm Carbon Fiber Parts - Reduces weight
4.7mm Suppressor - Silences weapon
Laser Sight - Reduces spread
Made from scratch, and also using custom sounds & a unique scope crosshair. Requires the 4.7mm caseless round, a rare ammo type that may also be crafted using Hexogen propellant; an explosive new ingredient that can be easier to come by. Armor piercing, Hollowpoint, JSP & Surplus rounds are also available.

Details: A loose variant of the pump-action Winchester 1890, the .22 round it uses lacks punch, but this rifle makes up for it with a faster rate of fire than the more common bolt-action varmint rifle. Easily found in the early game, especially if the Courier has a search around Goodsprings in mind.
Gallery Gun Custom Action - Increases rate of fire
Gallery Gun Improved Rifling - Increases damage
Gallery Gun Forged Receiver - Increases durability
My first finished modelling attempt, added along with a new .22 FMJ bullet type, reducing the rate at which all .22 weapons become obsolete.

Details: A brand new 10mm weapon, slower in rate of fire than the SMG but far easier to control at medium-range engagements. Though the service rifle & .223 pistol may be the NCR Trooper's bread and butter, this carbine adds some much needed flavour to the faction's arsenal. The Gun Runners always keep this weapon in stock.
10mm Pistol Silencer - Silences weapon
Small Handgun Scope - Increases zoom
10mm Carbine Shoulder Stock - Reduces spread
Quickly bashed together in Nifskope, this carbine otherwise uses vanilla textures. As such Millenia's WRP is recommended & is fully supported and compatible.

Bozar Hirezd: Brand new textures, baked from a brand new high poly model. Fixes 1st & 3rd person textures, adds an animated barrel & correctly applies envmasks using an .esp to implement everything correctly (there will not be an .esp free version). No compatibility with WMX and such currently supported, as I have not yet received permission from Millenia for the re-distribution of some of his re-uved vanilla meshes (riot shotgun).

This mod is subject to any glitches, issues and/or otherwise problems with the retail version of F:NV. Though all steps have been taken to avoid any bugs with this modification, a few animation and levelled list glitches may affect this content. Built with compatibility in mind and tested extensively, this file should work alongside any and all mods happily, though I do not guarantee that this will be the case. Please provide feedback, comments and criticism, so I may address any issues, should they appear.

Software Used
- Blender
- Xnormal
- CrazyBump
- Photoshop CS6
- Nifskope
- TESV Archiver

Bethesda/Obsidian: Fallout: New Vegas.
Robin Scott: Hosting and providing a fantastic venue for modders.
EmeraldReign: Forge Beyond.
Antistar: Icons from WMX for the improved rifling and gallery gun custom action.
Millenia: His tutorial on baking to low poly.