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Added: 29/01/2014 - 06:48PM
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Alcatraz Island, The Rock, The Unbreakable Stone Fortress of the West Coast Brotherhood of Steel within the heart of the San Francisco Sovereignty. By demand I pilled this one resource away from the mod that I am working on and released it for public usage. DO NOT ASK FOR THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!!!! Anyway, back on topic; by demand people asked for this modders resource for their own mods. You are free to use it as you wish and the landmass ID has been changed to AlcatrazIsland2 so that people can run both your and my mod side by side.

Requires: All DLC and Speedy Resource Pack. These are going to be the requirements for my final mod so I didn’t strip them away for this solo release because I am lazy.

Terms of Usage: List me and Speedy. Use it how you want.

Important Stuff: No Llamas were harmed during the making of this mod, it is not navmeshed, and there is no activation doorway into the world cell. You are also free to change the lore of this island in your own mod. That last part is not specifically for the Book of Eli fans. Oh, and this is part of a much larger mod. I think that I deleted all the Manhattan stuff and other odds and ends, but I could just as easily be wrong. If you see any lingering SCOLS, just ignore them.

Well, you kids have a good day now.