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Changes the stats of many vanilla and DLC armors.

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If you are using Type 4 body and Armors and more modest type 4 body and armors, they both override some of the changes made in my mod.
If you load this mod after the type 4 mods it will fix the stats, but some of the meshes will be messed up so I don't recommend using this mod with type4.
I don't remember having any problems with type 3 mods with this mod. I never used type 6 mods so I don't know if this mod conflicts with them.

Changes the stats(DT and weight) of some vanilla armors.

List of armors 1.0 changes:
Bounty hunter duster 6DT -> 10DT
Carvaneer outfit 2DT -> 4DT
Dirty Pre-war relaxedwear 5WG -> 2WG
Dirty Pre-war Parkstroller 10WG -> 2WG
Field hand outfit 2DT -> 4DT
Fiend battle helmet 1DT -> 2DT
Fiend warrior helmet 1DT -> 3DT
Leather armor reinforced 10DT -> 12DT
Merc outfits(all) 1DT -> 3DT
Metal armor 30WG -> 25WG 12DT -> 15
Metal armor reinforced 16DT -> 20DT
Prospector outfit 2DT -> 4DT
Raider badlands 4DT -> 6DT
Raider blastmaster 4DT -> 7DT
Raider painspike 4DT -> 6DT
Raider sadist 4DT -> 6DT
Vault 34 security armor 15WG -> 12WG health 100 -> 250
Wasteland settler outfit 2DT -> 4DT
Wasteland wanderer outfit 2DT -> 4DT

Version 1.1 adds changes to these armors:

1st recon beret now has 1DT
Boomer flightsuit and jumpsuit 4DT -> 6DT
Bright brotherhood robe 2DT -> 5DT
Brotherhood/regular T-45d 22DT -> 30DT 45WG -> 38WG
Brotherhood/regular T-51b 25DT -> 35DT
Gannon family tesla 28DT -> 38DT 35WG -> 30WG
Hockey mask 1DT -> 2DT health 15 -> 45
Rebreather now has 1DT
Remnants power 28DT -> 32DT 45WG -> 40WG
Remnants tesla 25DT -> 38DT
Roving trader outfit now has 3DT
Sheriff's duster now has 10DT
Sheriff's hat now has 1DT

armor stat changes 1.2 adds these changes.

Caesar's armor 5DT -> 10DT
Great khan armored leather 8DT -> 12DT
Great khan soldier armor 5DT -> 8DT
Great khan suit armor 5DT -> 7DT
Leather armor 15WG -> 12WG
Legion centurion 35WG -> 30WG 18DT -> 24DT
Legion explorer 10WG -> 8WG 4DT -> 5DT
Legion praetorian 12DT -> 15DT
Legion prime 15WG -> 12WG 8DT -> 10DT
Legion recruit 12WG -> 10WG 6DT -> 8DT
Legion Veteran 16WG -> 14WG 10DT -> 14DT
Legion Vexillarius 14DT -> 16Dt
NCR bandoleer, face wrap, mantle, MP, and trooper 26WG -> 20WG 10DT -> 12DT
NCR ranger combat 30WG -> 28WG 20DT -> 27DT
NCR ranger patrol 15DT -> 18DT
NCR salvaged power armor 40WG -> 30WG 20DT -> 25DT

Armor stat changes 1.3 requires adds these changes and requires Courier's stash DLC

Armored vault 13 jumpsuit 8DT -> 12DT 15WG -> 12WG
Lightweight leather armor 10WG -> 8WG
Lightweight metal armor 20WG -> 15WG
Tribal raiding armor 4DT -> 7DT 15WG -> 10WG

Armor stat changes 1.4 adds these changes requires Dead Money, Honest Hearts, and Courier's stash DLC

Assassin's suit 20WG -> 10WG 14DT -> 15DT
Chalk's headdress 3WG -> 2WG 1DT -> 2DT
Dead horses stalker armor 5DT -> 7DT
Desert ranger combat armor 30WG -> 28WG 22DT -> 27DT
Father Elijah's robes 2DT -> 5DT
Joshua Graham's armor 8WG -> 6WG 15DT -> 18DT 200 health -> 300
Salt-upon-wound's helmet 4DT -> 5DT
Sierra madre armor 15WG -> 12WG
Sierra madre armor reinforced 17WG -> 15WG 18DT -> 20DT
Sorrows outfit(both versions) 2DT -> 4DT
White legs outfit 5WG -> 3WG

1.5 adds changes to these armors and requires all DLC but GRA

Advanced riot gear 21DT -> 29DT 25WG -> 22WG
Arcades lab coat now has 5DT
Armor of the 87th tribe 22DT -> 27DT 35WG -> 30WG
Combat armor 15DT -> 18DT 25WG -> 22WG
Combat Reinforced 17DT -> 20DT 25WG -> 23WG
combat reinforced mk 2 20DT -> 23DT
Courier duster(all) and Ulysses' 13DT -> 15DT
Elite riot gear 22DT -> 30DT
Gecko-backed leather armor 10DT -> 13DT
Gecko leather reinforced 15DT -> 17DT
Gecko-backed metal armor 33WG -> 28WG
Gecko metal reinforced 20DT -> 24DT 35WG -> 30WG
Hazmat suit 11DT -> 14DT 18WG -> 14WG
Lobotomite jumpsuit 4DT -> 6DT 10WG -> 6WG
Mad scientist scrubs 3DT -> 5DT
Marked patrol 12DT -> 16DT 22WG -> 20WG
Marked scout 6DT -> 8DT 15WG -> 10WG
Marked Tribal 10DT -> 15DT 26WG -> 20WG
Marked Trooper 8DT -> 12DT
Riot gear 20DT -> 28DT 30WG -> 20WG
Scientist scrubs 2DT -> 5DT
Stealth suit mk 2 14Dt -> 16DT 25WG -> 20WG
Us army combat armor 18DT -> 21DT 25WG -> 23WG
Vera's outfit 2DT -> 6DT

Version 1.6 adds 1 DT to every prewar outfit and hat.
upgrades Benny's suit to 3 DT
upgrades Kimball"s suit to 2 DT
upgrades the King's outfit to 3 DT
Should upgrade the Combat armor reinforced mk 2 to 24 DT

Version 1.7 upgrades the simple powder ganger outfit now 1DT and weighs 2WG
upgrades the powder ganger plain and soldier outfits to have 2DT
the brahmin skin outfit now has 2DT
all the gambler outfits now have 1DT
the vault 21 jumpsuit now has 2DT

In the future I will change stats of more DLC armors and more vanilla ones.
I won't change the armors from other mods.

How to install:
Just extract it to your Fallout New Vegas data folder or download with the manager.