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Adds Kriss Vector to the game with 3 camo patterns and 3 mods.

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***Kriss Vector for Fallout:New Vegas v1.0***

Thanks AdayDr1en for showing me what I did wrong with glow maps.

Ok, here is the update. Since you requested it, I removed the old scope from M40a5 and added iron sights, plus I made few modifications, including new reticule for holographic sights. And I also removed the vertical grip. I didn't make any custom grip animation, so if anyone wants to do it, be my guest.

***V.09 readme***

***Warning this is High poly model, on older machines it might slow the game performance especially with the scope installed.***

It is been a long time since I posted any mod. But today I present you my latest gun, the Kriss Vector. I know that there is Kriss Vector on the forum already (called Griss), but I started work on mine before the Griss was posted and since mine is quite different I decided to post it anyway. So what can you expect from this mod:

- 3 camo version (default night, digi pattern, desert pattern)
- 3 mods :
- tactical attachments (adds accuracy)
- suppressor (silences weapon)
- High power scope (my old scope from m40a5)

Since there were many complaints about the placement of my previous mods (gunrunnes shop), I decided to put this one in a ordinary box at Yangtze memorial. This gun is chambered in 9mm and holds 40 bullets (real life 9 mm version is in development, so I am not sure how much it will holds). There are several problems I encountered, hence it is marked as v0.9, so please if anyone from the community knows how to fix them send me a mail, leave comment or leave a message on the forum:
-same bug as with m40a5: texture sets are not working properly, they are messing texture (using the one they shouldn't)
-glow maps do not work

***P3D file (Fully modded desert version - ingame appearance differs slightly)***

Kriss - Fallout New Vegas mod (View in 3D)


Just copy the esp and bsa in the data folder of your game installation.


joefoxx082 for Animation replacers mod

Got comment, suggestion, contact me on paraeprdox at gmail.com