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Check out whether you already have a card before buying it!

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Caravan Card Control

REQUIRES JIP plugin v40+

Caravan, the card game everybody loves (:D). If you have been card hunting anytime, you might have noticed there's no way to tell whether you have or not the cards offered for sale, so you simply buy them all any time you spot them. After all, they are just worth 2 caps...
This mod will quite simply aid you in keeping track of what cards your caravan deck has, by tagging any dupes you find. Thus, when buying from a merchant, you now need not waste a single bottlecap in cards you already have. Maybe not too practical, but it does make a bit of sense, and every cap counts!

Upon receiving a card, if it's not found in an array of the cards you already have, the patched card scripts will run the card through a function that appends the (Dupe) tag to its name and add it to that list before being added to your deck and removed. Since name changes don't persist between reloads, this array is checked every time you load a game to append the tag to any cards there, or remove it if they aren't there yet. If you were to receive a dupe card, it will not be removed from your inventory, remaining there for you to discard or sell away.
Unfortunately this only applies for cards you receive after you start using this mod. It will thus be most useful in new games, but ongoing savegames can get some benefit too, once you rebuy cards you already have they will be tagged accordingly in future encounters.

This mod is offered as a modders' resource of sorts. The master file, CardMaster.esm, contains the game startup control script that tags/untags the cards you have already collected, checking them on every game load. The plugin files, CardMaster NV.esp and CardMaster DM.esp, add the cards found in the base game and Dead Money to this mod's system, plus they patch the cards' scripts to be compliant with this mod and get rid of the bugs they had. Load them after any other mods changing the cards' scripts.
The DM file already has the patched script from the NV file, so you only need one. It also simplifies the Dead Man's Hand challenge, since the cards to acquire are lying on the floor, that challenge can be simplified to an item acquisition one with little chance of abuse.

Recommended mods
Here are some recommendations that shall make Caravan a bit more enjoyable:
  • Caravan Overhaul Compilation by JackArbiter. Ups the difficulty to max for all caravan players, thus you may feel a little more worthy of stealing caps from the artificial unintelligence, plus a few other nice features all rolled into one.
  • Common Caravan Deck by Soukey, for new games only, or games where you haven't received the caravan deck item from Ringo yet. Changes the initial The Tops deck with a plain one, which makes much more sense. I recommend the No Commons for Sale version.
  • Dead Money Surprise Vending Items Restoration by Yukichigai. Restores options to buy surprise items form the Sierra Madre vending machines, and among them are surprise Sierra Madre cards not found anywhere otherwise.