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ENB preset designed to bring old 1940's colour photo's atmosphere to the game. In a combination with IMOD support and low fps drop brings your Fallout New Vegas experience to a whole new level!

Permissions and credits

Recently I was checking out old World War2 era colour photos and thought: "Why don't I add such colour feel to New Vegas?!"
So here we are! My ENB adds old colour camera's feel to the game combined with NIGHTVISION support to bring your gaming experience to whole new level. Imagine combination of vintage colours, ENB effects like Depth of Field and better shadows plus modern IMOD visuals combined with Nevada Skies (optional) weather effects! That's definetely something new and unique.

1) Download 0.216 ENB binaries from the link provided.
2) Extract the archive to a temporary folder .
3) Find "Wrapper" folder and copy d3d9.dll to your FNV folder (not in "Data" folder!)
4) Download and extract all Old World ENB files to the same folder.
5) Open your vanilla launcer and make everything like on the picture provided:

6) (OPTIONAL) Install the latest version of NevadaSkies; compability preset ONLY
7) Run your game through your favourite launcher.

1) Make sure that you are using the latest version of Nevada Skies without ANY plugins that change lighting. While using older versons you may have different colours than in screenshots provided.
2) Don't use any of the following mods with this ENB:
- Fellout NV.
- Western Sky.
- CLO - Custom Lighting Overlay.
Or any other mods exept NevadaSkies and other combabile(see files list) that change ingame lighting. You may have weird colours ingame.

Special thanks to:
Mohamed2001 - for beta-testing and tweaking help.
Gold23-for new awesome title picture

Please post your suggestions, requests, comments and questions in the comments section. I'll answer them as soon as I can!

Fell free to upload your screenshots without HUD!