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Adds a fully voiced sentry bot companion that has to be repaired before it can be used in combat.

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This mod adds a fully voiced sentry bot companion with around 100 lines of dialogue to Gibson's scrapyard. It has been heavily damaged and is in need of major repairs in order to be operational again. After it is brought back online it will still be missing some of its primary components, i.e. weapons. These weapon parts must be scavenged off of other sentry bots, all variants can be attached but must first be converted into a Rogue specific version at a crafting table. In order for these parts to actually be acquired this mod requires my other mod Removable Robot Arms . Because of this Rogue can be customized to either have a Gatling Laser or Minigun as a primary weapon. Once a weapon is chosen it cannot be swapped.

Below is a list of features for those who don't like to read a lot.

-Fully voiced
-Working Companion Wheel.
-Small quest to get Rogue as a companion.
-Can be customized to either have a Minigun or Gatling Laser.
-Custom Perk

After V5 Rogue now has a second quest that will enable a player to add weapon mods and armored plating onto him. Here is a small chart of the new things:

-Gatling laser can be modded with some focus optics. Increases damage from 10 to 13
-Minigun can be modded with a high-speed motor. Increases firerate from 20 to 25
-A missile launcher guidance system can be installed to increase both guns accuracy.
-Non faction power armor can be broken down into plating at a workbench that can then be attached to Rogue.
--T-45d provides 12 DT
--T-51b provides 16 DT
--Remnants provides 18 DT
--Broken down armor can be re-assembled with a slightly higher repair skill.

After V6 Rogue has another quest in which he receives a transmission from an unknown source. This quest will sorta explain his backstory depending on how you chose to complete it. The end battle is also be pretty challenging as all the NPCs will level up with the player, and most of them have powerful weapons. Recommended level for this one quest is 20 or above.

After V8 Rogue now has a special perk after you complete all of his quests. I won't spoil it here, so go on, download and find out!


Before the Great War Rogue was built as an experimental stealth unit which was designed to infiltrate enemy bases with its stealth module. On its first test it was sent on a trail run to see if it could infiltrate the Helios One power plant. It managed to get inside, but its orders never got updated, due to fact that the Great War had started which caused all the facility's personnel to flee. In addition all military personnel had to leave for battle. So Rogue sat there in the abandoned plant for sometime until the Brotherhood showed up. Thinking that Rogue was just a security measure of the plant, the Brotherhood opened fire on it. After Rogue was mostly destroyed, the Brotherhood proceeded to remove every useful bit of tech from it, then they stuffed it into a corner. After the Brotherhood was defeated, the NCR found Rogue in a completely inoperable state, and moved it over to Gibson's Srapyard were it still is to this day.


If Rogue disappears after you find him but before you can repair him, go to Gibson's scrap yard, and then type these things into the console:
1: SetObjectiveCompleted xx001112 0 1
2: SetObjectiveDisplayed xx001112 1 1
3: SetObjectiveDisplayed xx001112 2 1
4: Prid xx000DC1
5: Enable
6: ResetAI

An armless Rogue will stop moving after combat. To fix this do the following:
1: Click on Rogue in the console
2: Type disable
3: Type enable


This mod requires my mod Removable Robot Arms .


yourboss117 for voicing the new version of the commander and gate guard!
AS0URTAC0 for voicing the original version commander! Be sure to check out his channel!
Tau43RUS for providing a 2K texture for Rogue!

French version translated by Sylom