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Configures font settings for DarnifiedUI automatically.

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Darnified UI is a great HUD mod, in my personal opinion a must and the way the game should have shipped.

Anyway, to make it work it requires editing the INI files. With this script the editing is made automatically and there is no need to do any manual editing by yourself.

Insall using Nexus Mod Manager

  • Download Darnified UI
  • Open Nexus Mod Manager
  • Click in the mods tab
  • Add the Darnified UI file to Nexus Mod Manager (Click in arrow to the side of the first icon at the side bar and select "Add mod from file")
  • Click in the "Download (NMM)" at the top of this page
  • Activate both mods

Install using Fallout Mod Manager

  • Download Darnified UI
  • Open Fallout Mod Manager
  • Click on "Package Manager"
  • Add the DarnifiedUI file by clicking in the arrow next to the first button to the left and selecting the "Add FOMod" option
  • Add the DarnifiedUI Configuration following the steps above
  • Activate both mods


To uninstall with either Nexus Mod Manager or Fallout Mod Manager deactive both mods: DarnifiedUI and this one.