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Well after many many months I decided to finally finish this. Its my rendition of the Btard (Cant use real name due to profanity; pronounced bass-turd) gun from the metro franchise. Obviously I couldnt make it exactly the same due to fallouts animation restrictions but I think I've done a good job of making it unique and keeping it fairly close to the real deal except for the magazine.

It has full level list integration and can be found on people in the wastes as well as purchased, there is also a free copy at Doc Mitchells house on his bed.

There are 4 mods
Attachables -
Nightvision Scope
Wooden Stock

Workbench -

The gun breaks fairly easily but this can be subverted by making the heatshield for your gun, this is not an attachable mod but a permanent fixture to the gun so remove mods from the gun before crafting else you will lose them. The gun can be repaired with nearly any weapon in the game or scrap metal and duct tape.


Drop the folders into you New Vegas data folder, mine is..
C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonfallout new vegasData


scottmack - For being a magnificent ol' chap


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