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Makes the Mojave Express Dropbox system dynamic instead of hard coded. Any number of mods can add any number of boxes to the system with no conflict.

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This mod needs NVSE


Fallout: New Vegas
In addition to the behind the scenes changes, this also adds two new dropboxes, one at Boulder City, and one in Jacobstown. Unfortunately, you will need to discover any previous locations again, due to the changes.

A Tale of Two Wastelands
Adds all new Pony Express boxes across DC. They work exactly the same as the Mojave Express boxes, needing to be discovered before use. The locations are:
  • Megaton - to the left of the Craterside Supply entrance
  • Rivet City - in the marketplace
  • Paradise Falls - to the right of the main entrance
  • Tenpenny Tower - in one of the side halls (I forgot which one!)
  • Republic of Dave
  • Girdershade

In addition, there is one of each dropbox on the train that travels between wastelands, that once discovered can be used to ship to the train, and therefore easily transfer items between wastelands.


For Users
This is a resource that might be needed by other mods. If you were sent here, just download the main file and you're good to go.

If you were sent here by a TTW mod, make sure you download the TTW version!

For Modders
This is a reworking of the way the Mojave Express Boxes (MEB) are handled. In vanilla they are hard coded both in the messages and in the script. This means that any mod that adds more of them is incompatible with any other mod that adds them.

To get around this I converted the system to use form lists, and a script that dynamically creates message boxes based on the length of the form list, so it will grow and paginate automatically.

Adding your mod is as simple as adding a few lines of script to your mod, and instructions can be found in the downloads section.

In the TTW version an additional concession has been made for non-Capital Wasteland or Mojave world spaces. They will use the Pony Express name, but will get a third set of optional lists that allow shipping to any dropbox in the game. This functionality can easily be limited by making a duplicate of the script and changing the lists used.