About this mod

Vertibird Travel System with Home-Interior and possibility for an easy link between user created worldspaces.

Permissions and credits

[size=3pt]This mod adds a vertibird to Searchlight Airport. You can access it and use it's interior as a home. You can also use it as transportation system to travel to various destinations in the mojave wasteland AND BEYOND. This is the main purpose of this mod, to give an universal transporation system to reach DLC worldspaces and user created worldspaces. Over time it will offer patches for custom user worlds and change their way to reach their locations. Instead you will enter them with the vertibird transportation. This will allow you a quick, unificated and immersive travel between various user created worlds, DLCs and wastelands.



- travel with the maximum of two loading screens to mostly all worldspaces
- Full utilized moveable home with bed, watersource, workbench and storage.
- Voiced Robobrain Pilot (Option to use him as a merchant) with dialogue background.
- Alternative travel system within the mojave desert (Option to disable fast travel).
- destination navigation system with ingame maps.
- Easy and immersive access for custom created worldspaces.
- Map Marker for your Vertibird location.
- DLC Locations are reachable with the Vertibird.
- Full Support for TTW and it's DLC's.
- Unique vertibird texture