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A project intended to comprehensively blend FOOK & Project Nevada, while additionally offering compatibility patches for other popular mods. Optionally also allows for the seamless combination of WME, WMX, and EVE.

Permissions and credits

FOOK is awesome. It revitalizes the Mojave in the same way that Project Nevada revitalizes player and NPC balance. But getting these two great mods to work together has always been a chore. Until now.

The goal of this project is to, first and foremost, seamlessly integrate FOOK and Project Nevada. No more redundant weapons. No more wishing you could use PN Night Vision on FOOK armor. You can finally have the best of both worlds. Futhermore, FOOK is so bodaciously radical [dude] that it merits compatibility patches for a variety of other popular mods...

Patches for:
* Can serve as a standalone FOOK patch, no PN required!
**Created with custom WME-WMX-EVE combo in mind.

Primary Stage!

The following are are just some of the things that the FOOK-PN Convergence patch accomplishes:
  • No more redundant equipment! Project Nevada items such as (but not limited to) the Lever-Action rifle, Railway Rifle, and Chinese Officer's Sword have been replaced by their FOOK variants.
  • Project Nevada night vision and visor functionality added to every piece of FOOK headwear that should have it: Brotherhood Combat Helmet, NCR Ranger Patrol Helmet, Winterized T-51b Power Helmet, etc. - the list goes on!
  • Turnabout is fair play: FOOK Night Vision (NVG) functionality added to appropriate Project Nevada headwear! The following are affected: Vault-Tec Power Armor, Airforce T-57C Power Armor, Advanced Recon Armor, & Ranger Recon Armor.
  • Project Nevada Digital Zoom functionality added to FOOK weapons with electronic scopes: Wattz Rifle, Metal Blaster, WinP95 Plasma Rifle, & Murdelizer.
  • Project Nevada weapon Charging functionality added to Elijah's Tesla Cannon. Go forth and wreak havoc on all those Edison-loving miscreants.
  • Project Nevada Unfound Loot feature expanded upon for items added by Vanilla DLC and FOOK.
  • FOOK ingestibles given PN food healing toggle functionality.
  • AND MORE! Be sure to read the Readme for other changes and important information.
  • Additionally, unique FOOK items originally never added to the Mojave have been inserted by this Convergence project. Road Warrior Armor, Golden Gun, Louisville Slugger, Commissar's Power Sword, Experimental MIRV, MPLX NovaSurge, & Firelance all now have a home in appropriately leveled areas. Some of these are hidden away in the AWOP Convergence patch...


Optional 2nd Stage!

Do you enjoy Jonnyeah's Weapon Mod Expansion (WME)? Does the idea of a streamlined WME compatibility patch for FOOK+Project Nevada+EVE appeal to you? Then read on.

The FOOK-PN-WME-WMX-EVE Convergence plugin has been completely rebuilt from the ground-up to seamlessly enable WME weapon mods on all projectile weapons of FOOK and Project Nevada. WMX will work in tandem with WME to bring you melee weapon mods as well. All leveled lists have been HEAVILY modified so there are never any immersion-breaking square peg / round hole scenarios with your weapons.

This is all topped off with a slathering of E.V.E. goodness. What's not to like? Be sure to check out the respective Readme for VERY IMPORTANT install information. All FOOK, PN, WME, WMX, & EVE assets are still required, this is only a patch to make everything work together nicely.

Detailed instructions on installing Stage 2:


Question: I have weird textures on some of my guns -or- I have red exclamation marks?
  • Answer: Be sure you're running FOOK 1.13 w/ Convergence versions 2.1+ and that you have installed all required assets itemized repeatedly in readmes.
Question: How do I set up a merge patch if Convergence isn't compatible with an automated FNVEdit patch?
  • Answer: The most straight forward way for people to merge in other mods is going to be with FNVEdit's merge patch, removing leveled item and container categories from said patch, running a quick cleaning filter, and going up your mod list and checking for conflicts in those two categories (amongst non-Vanilla/FOOK/PN/WMX/WME/EVE/AWOP plugins already covered by Convergence). Knowledgable WryeBash patching is always an option as well.
Question: I'm crashing at startup, can you look at my load order?
  • Answer: Unlikely. I've gone through load orders in triplicate in the description and various readmes. If you're crashing, it is either completely unrelated to this mod or you glossed over an important detail in a readme. Try loading your game into FNVEdit; it will notify you of CTD-causing load order issues.
Question: I'm so confused, do I need to install everything?
  • Answer: Not at all! Stage 1 is a standalone patch; Stage 2 is contingent upon having Stage 1. Any available patches clearly list what is required; for example, the AWOP patch requires Stages 1 & 2.
Question: NPCs with pale heads?!
  • Answer: Open "[...]/Steam/steamapps/common/fallout new vegas/Fallout_default.ini and set bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1. Then run the standard launcher at least once.
Question: Is this compatible with WRP?
  • Answer: FOOK already includes practically all of WRP in its optional download. Installing WRP on top of this is arguably pointless and, no, not 100% compatible.
Question: Do I need to use Old Nick's PN-Extra Options MCM fix?
  • Answer: No, it's already included in the new PN Extra Options.
Question: If I'm only installing the FOOK-PN patch (stage 1), what would I need to add on either WMX or WME?
  • Answer: Install respective WME-NoWMX or WMX-NoWME patch as well as WME-FOOK/WME-PN or WMX-FOOK/WMX-PN patches (available elsewhere).
Question: With stage 2, do I need to install the WMX patches for FOOK, PN, or EVE?
  • Answer: Nope.
Question: Is this compatible with NVEC?
  • Answer: Nope.
Question: I dont have have all the DLC and I hate kittens, can you accommodate me?
  • Answer: Nope.

Further mod recommendations

As this is only a series of patches, credit must be given to the authors of all the associated mods: the FOOK team; PN team; xporc for helping to keep FOOK alive; Gribbleshnibit8 for keeping up with Project Nevada; Antistar for WMX; Jonnyeah for WME; Jonnyeah/Weijiesen for E.V.E.; Millenia and Micalov for their continued texture talents; and Old Nick for allowing me to incorporate his MCM Extra Options fix!

Like this mod? Feel it makes an awesome foundation for your playthrough? Be sure to endorse and/or leave feedback - and don't forget to do the same for the original mods! Have a question? Be sure you read the respective Readme before posting please.