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This mod adds 45 new NPCs & 10 new Creatures & 4 new Robots to Mojave Wasteland.

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FNV NPCs Travel


*I rely on machine translation because I am not good at english.

What does this mod do?
This mod adds 45 new NPCs & 10 new Creatures & 4 new Robots to Mojave Wasteland.

New NPCs: Adventurer, Mercenary, Hunter, Prospector, Scavenger, Gun Runner Guard, Gun Runner Trader, Repairman.

New Creatures: Hunter's Dog, Prospector's Dog, Prospector's Pack Brahmin, Gun Runner's Pack Brahmin.

New Robots: Mister Gutsy, Mister Handy, Robobrain, Gun Runner Sentry Bot.

Travel extensively in mojave wasteland or encounter in various places.

Travel destinations are determined randomly by script.

Some travel destinations will unlocked by quest achievement or specific conditions.

Adventurer, Hunter, Prospector. Their destination is 88 places in the mojave wasteland.

They are tradable.

Hunter will sell items obtained by hunting, such as animal meat.

Prospector & Scavenger will mainly sells junk items.

Hunter & Prospector will travel with animals or robots.

3 Mercenary Squads (Members: Mercenary Leader, Mercenary Doctor, Mercenary).

Mercenary Squad's destination is 25 places in the mojave wasteland.

Mercenary Doctor is a doctor, and dealing with medical supplies.

Gun Runner Caravan (Members: Guard, Trader, Brahmin, Guard, Sentry Bot).

Gun Runner Caravan's destination is 9 places in the mojave wasteland.

If you can trading with Alexander at 188 trading post, you will be able to trading with Gun Runner Trader.

Front gate of the Gun Runners will automatically close.

Small base (Living space) of Scavenger. No edit navmesh.
- 188 trading post.
- South of Grub n 'Gulp rest stop.

Wandering Scavenger. They will appear depending on the certain quests. They will roam the streets or abandoned houses.
- Nipton (After the "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize" or "Cold, Cold Heart")
- Nelson (After the "We Are Legion" or "Restoring Hope")
- North Vegas Square and Westside (After the "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "The Coyotes")

Repair services are available in Grub n 'Gulp rest stop.

Knight Torres offers repair services after the "Missing Laser Pistol" Quest.

All dialogs have audio with lip-sync.

All NPCs will have and equipped a variety of items.

All NPCs Change clothes (inventory) every day.

All NPCs & Creatures will respawn.

The following features can be configured in The Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).
In non NVSE version, can be configured in < NPCs Travel Config >.
- Number of Adventurers
- Number of Hunters
- Number of Prospectors
- Number of Mercenary Squads
- Number of Gun Runner Caravans
- Enable/Disable each Wandering Scavenger
- Enable/Disable Grub n 'Gulp rest stop Repair Services
- Enable/Disable Knight Torres Repair Services
- Relations of Player and NPCs (Ally/Neutral)
- Relations of Animals and NPCs (Friend/Neutral)

Bugfix: Prevent blur from occurring when npc enters the camp guardian cave.

Compatible and Recommended Mods
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Project Nevada
NVInteriors Project
A World Of Pain
Spice of Life - Variety Armor and Clothing Robert Breeze Type3
Daily Vendor Restock

Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian.

Thanks to d_ivanov for Leather backpack.

Thanks to Zeus_II for Wasteland Journeyman Armor.

Thanks to Zeus_II for Wasteland Vagrant Armor.

Thanks to d_ivanov for Merc Adventurer Armor.

Thanks to Werne for Wasteland Looter armor.

Thanks to tumbajamba for New Backpacks resource.
Thanks to SedPL for SedPL Merchant with new Backpacks(Model parts)
Thanks to antistar for Dragonskin Tactical Outfit (Camo textures)

Thanks to Earind for Super mutant eye implants.

Thanks to BlooperReel.

Thanks to maxxdaemon.