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Adds several variations of a new armor set designed for the slightly casual and definitely stylish male or female Courier.

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This mod is about revisiting the very first mod I made over two years ago. In it, I retextured the merc grunt outfit so that it was band shirts from some favorite bands of mine. The mod was really pretty awful, but I've learned A LOT since then.

In this mod I've structured a new outfit with several variations. It has some band shirts, some lore-friendly-shirts, and some just-plain-stylish shirts. Take a look and maybe you'll find a nice new outfit to wear on the strip!

WHERE TO FIND!!! ---- Look in a new wardrobe inside the abandoned house by Monte Carlo suites. If you can't find it, I have a "test crate" outside of the Mojave Barracks interior cell. You can put "tcl" in the console commands and go grab everything.

FEATURES ---- Features shirts by Converge, The Banner, Mineral, and The Hope Conspiracy. These are all cool designs even if you don't know the bands. Also included are shirts for Sunset Sasparilla and the Mojave Express. More texture variants in the archives not yet implemented. Also included are a new pair of glasses and nice hat.

The glasses worn on the outfit's collar disappear when any eyeglasses are equipped.

INSTALL ---- Drop rar contents into your Data folder and activate the esp

NOTE ---- This mod uses some textures from previous mods of mine. Everything that has been reused is identical though so you can overwrite without any worries.

NOTE 2 ---- There is more in this file than is pictured. I will add screenshots later. Kudos to the first person who posts a picture of the hat and sunset sasparilla and/or Mojave express outfit!


Backsteppo: For yoko's gun belt.
Nivea: For the extra work on the gun belt and being generally awesome.
Marcus Dublin: I used the elbow pads from his Outlander model previously available in my last armor pack
wjs: cubemaps
TheFourthHorse: I borrowed a bit from his authority glasses--an edited env map.
The NV community: For a supportive, fun group of people.


Feedback welcome.