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Adds new 4096x4096 HQ texture for dust storms in NV.

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Quite a simple mod, it replaces the very bad default texture for the dust storms to a much better more high quality one. I made this because first of all the vanilla texture looks like fog and nothing like dust and because the most popular replacer for it by Hectrol didn't make the dust storms look gritty or like they would be very unpleasant to walk through and also I found the saturation and how bright the texture is to be a bit off along with they weren't quite as thick as the vanilla ones. I may consider suggestions to improve this but I made it as just a break from a bigger project I am working on which you can view here.



Simply download with NMM or install manually into the data folder.


Compatible with everything except other texture replacers for the same thing.



[size=4.5]Archive Invalidation[/size]

Go into NMM click on the tool icon at the top and toggle archive invalidation off and on, or turn it off and on using FOMM. Alternatively if you don\'t use NMM or FOMM which I highly recommend you do, use this ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated.

All assets in this mod are a Fallout Nexus exclusive, do not ask if you can distribute them on another site. If you wish to add this texture to something bigger by all means ask and I will give you permission. (I want people to ask so I can track where it's being used).


Printerkop (I wouldn't of made this if it wasn't for his awesome weather mod and textures).