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Disables the message box notifications for the Courier\'s Stash and instead makes them corner messages.

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This is a simple mod to disable the message box notifications for the Courier's Stash and instead make them corner messages. Now you don't have to deal with the pauses and clicking "Ok" four times when starting a new game.


REQUIRES all four Courier's Stash DLC to be activated (CaravanPack.esm, ClassicPack.esm, MercenaryPack.esm, and TribalPack.esm)

Install using a mod manager or just copy CouriersStashCornerMessage.esp to your Data directory and activate it. You can deactivate it after starting a new game.

Additional Information:

If you are looking for other options I recommend the following two mods:

Couriers Stash Integration - This mod disables the Courier's Stash items from being given to you automatically and instead adds them to the appropriate leveled lists so you may find them on NPCs and in containers around the wasteland.

Couriers Stash Pre-order pack selector - This mod adds a pop-up box that lets you choose which Courier's Stash pack(s) you want given to you (or none at all).