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Improves saturation, contrast and dynamic range. Free FOTN night-vision too.

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It repurposes the Friend Of The Night script to be a general purpose image improvement effect, both at night and during the day, without the performance penalty of ENB. In fact, it should have no performance impact at all. Also without the silly blurr and grain effects that some other "image improvement" mods imposed upon me.

Basically: I didn't want cinematic effects, because the human eye is not a camera and doesn't do lens flares and film grain. None of those are even remotely realistic for how my character would see the world through his or her eyes. But I still wanted the game to look better.

So what it does is:

- Improve colour saturation in all lighting conditions (the vanilla FOTN actually desaturated the image)

- Improve contrast in all lighting conditions

- Improve lighting range in all lighting conditions

- Actually work indoors during the day (the vanilla FOTN perk only activates from 8:15 PM to 5:45 AM even indoors, which I found beyond stupid. If my eyes can adapt in a bunker, then they can adapt at any hour)

- Actually brighten the image indoors (the vanilla FOTN made some dark spots even darker indoors)

- Not tint the image green-ish, like the vanilla FOTN did

And most importantly: it's automatically on. It does NOT need you to take the Friend Of The Night perk, which now does nothing, so you can get yourself some other perk instead.

NOTE: This ONLY affects the image you see. It does not actually make the nights or interiors brighter for anyone except you. Hence it won't affect your sneaking, nor how well companions aim in the dark, nor anything else.




There is nothing to get. The hidden "Friend Of The Night" script in this one will start automatically as soon as you load the game.

You do NOT need to take the Friend Of The Night perk. The perk doesn't do anything any more with this mod loaded.


Extract the archive, with directories, in your game's "Data" folder. Select it in the list of plugin files in the launcher.


Delete the .esp file from your Data directory.


It will conflict with any other changes to Friend Of The Night, but otherwise it should be compatible with everything, including other image improvement mods. (Beats me why would you want to run both, though.)

Also, while it won't conflict per se with mods that make nights darker, it may not brighten the image enough to compensate for very dark nights. So basically if you want to actually see at night, don't make nights darker.


I release it in the public domain. You can do anything you wish with it. I would, of course, appreciate it if you give credit, but if not, so be it, I can live with that too.


First Fallout NV Release