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Have you ever killed a robot hoping to take its weapon, only to be disappointed with the inability to do so? Well then, this mod is your salvation!

Permissions and credits

Certain robots can now have their arms ripped off and then crafted to be used as weapons. All base game and OWB robots are supported!

All of the weapons stats, save for value, durability, weight and in some rare cases, firerate, are taken directly from the "robot only" version of the weapon, so don't be surprised when some weapons do more or less than the human version. All the bots that are affected by this mod have a chance of their weapon/arm being salvageable on death based on the level of the perk Robotic Weapons.

Here is a list of parts that can be salvaged:

Requires Robotic Weapons Rank 1+
-Protectron: Arm Laser

Requires Robotic Weapons Rank 2+
-Robobrain: Laser Claw
-Mr. Gutsy/Orderly: Plasma Gun, Mini Flamer, or Hand piece.
-Mr. Handy: Mini Flamer or Hand piece

Requires Robotic Weapons Rank 3+
-Sentry Bots: Arm Gatling Laser/Minigun and/or Arm Missile Launcher

Requires Robotic Weapons Rank 4+
-Securitron: Machinegun hand, Laser gun/Grenade launcher hand
-Robo-Scorpion: Tail Stinger

And now here is a list of mods that can be applied to a certain gun:

Protectron Arm: Laser Rifle Beam Splitter and Laser Rifle Scope
Sentry Bot Minigun: Minigun High Speed Motor
Sentry Bot Gatling Laser: Gatling Laser Focus Optics
Securitron Machine Gun: 10mm Pistol Laser Sight
Securitron Laser Gun: Laser RCW Recycler
Securitron Grenade Launcher: Grenade Rifle Long Barrel
Mr. Gutsy/Orderly Plasma Gun: Plasma Rifle Mag Accelerator and Plasma Defender Scope
Robobrain Claw: Laser Pistol Recycler

The Perk

The perk needed for everything in this mod is called Robotic Weapons. There are 5 different levels to this perk, with it being obtainable at level two, requiring 20 science and repair. The next level is automatically unlocked once you reach 40 science and repair. The third level is unlocked at 60 science and repair. The fourth is unlocked at 80 science and repair. The final level is acquired with max science and repair. The salvage chances are listed below, and in game once the perk is acquired.

Chances of salvage per perk level

Perk Level 1 2 3 4 5

Protectron arm  25% 45%65%       85% 100%

Mr. Gutsy/
Handy/Orderly/  0%   20%35%      50% 75%
Robobrian weapons

Sentry Bot weapons  0%  0%   15%      25% 50%

Robo-Scorpion weapons  0%  0%    0%0% 35%


Anything that modifies the Hardened Sentry Bots will most likely conflict unless a merged/bashed patch is used.


Model Usage: You can use any model added by this as long as you give me credit and a link to this mod.


French version translated by Sylom

(Old V 1.00) Russian Version translated by magnumspec 


The 3rd Type - for his incredibly helpful icon making guide.
Sylom - For translating the mod into French.