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All Deathclaws in the game now respawn. Includes Tips & Tricks for fighting Deathclaws. (note: they wont respawn if you\'ve already killed them and there bodies have disappeared from the game)

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Name: Respawning Deathclaws by Lobo

Version: 1.00

All deathclaws in the game now respawn!:P
Theres not much else to say.
Please note that if you've already killed the deathclaws and there body disappeared after 3 days, then they wont respawn.
but if you've already killed them and there body is still in the game, then they will respawn.
Here's a few tips & tricks for fighting deathclaws.

*The flare gun causes abominations such as deathclaws to flee.
*Crippling their legs will both reduce deathclaws' speed to a limp and make them unable to perform their jumping attack.
*Deathclaws will give up searching for the Courier when he or she is in water.
*Deathclaws are able to detect you while sneaking with a Stealth Boy activated from farther away due to their high Perception.
*While deathclaws are no longer randomly encountered like in Fallout 3, they have a tendency to gather in "colonies" of ten or more. If you see one, there are likely more around.
*Young deathclaws and baby deathclaws will run away from the Courier when severely outmatched.
*At the southernmost part of the Colorado River, east of Techatticup Mine, there is a fairly large nest known as the Deathclaw promontory. There is a huge amount of deathclaws there along with numerous deathclaw alpha males and deathclaw mothers.
*In the Lonesome Road add-on, there is a unique deathclaw called Rawr, found in a cave in the Divide canyon. Its attacks are far more damaging than its legendary counterpart, and it is much faster as well. When killed, it drops the item Rawr's talon, which can be crafted at workbenches into a unique deathclaw gauntlet called the Fist of Rawr (or Fist of the North Rawr with Wild Wasteland).
*The deathclaws will stop searching for the Courier if they stand on a rock high enough that they can't reach him/her.
*Sometimes deathclaws will follow the Courier inside shacks, making it even harder to kill them.
*The deathclaw mother will frenzy when one of her babies are killed.

From: The Lone Wolfe