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This is a small collection of models/textures released as a Modder\'s resource.

Permissions and credits
Name: Se7enraven's Mod Bits 5
Category: Modder's Resource
Version: 1
Date: 09/23/2013
Author: Se7enraven

This is a Modder's Resource containing 14 new/retextured models and their textures. This pack includes:

Deus Ex styled items:

-"Dragon Tooth Sword"x2 [Weapon Models] (shock effects and non-effects for ground version)
-TNT crate (havoked, intended for explosive movable static)

Also included:

-"Priority Mail" box (havoked)
-Tool Chest (static, intended for container)
-Propane Tanks x2 (Vanilla texture and clean texture, havoked, intended for movable static-BOOM!)

-Claw Hammer
-Tactical Hatchet (1h melee, use hatchet Geck settings)
-Tactical Knife (1h melee, use combat knife Geck settings)
-Tactical Sword (1h melee, use katana Geck settings)
-"Riddick Shiv" (styled after the one used in the movie "Pitch Black", 1h melee, use razor geck)
-Garden Rake ( vanilla model & texture, made into 2h melee weapon, use shovel Geck settings)
-Wrench (vanilla model, made into 1h melee weapon, use lead pipe Geck settings)


This "Dragon Tooth Sword" uses the shock effects from jsnider193's "Plasma Sword" mod. This sword also uses texture's from c.i.b's "Creature and Weapon Modder's Resources". The swords model is vanilla. The Rake and wrench weapons, along with the propane tanks, use vanilla meshes and textures. The propane tank "clean" version texture was created by me. I created the rest of the models and textures.


Dragon tooth sword Credits:

-The SHOCKER for the basic model.
-Metalbillyboy for the original Plasma Sword.
-jsnider193 for the shock effects and original mod
-c.i.b for the Dragon Tooth Sword Texture
-Bethesda for the original models and textures
-Se7enraven for model/texture assembly/tweaking

Bethesda and Obsidian For Fallout: NV
Niftools team for the exporter and Nifskope
CGTextures.com - Best free textures on the net.
Blender-for the free modeling program.
Photoshop- for a great program
Se7enraven-for model/texture creation/assembly

jsnider193 has stated this in his original readme regarding permission:

"You can modify, but give credit to those I have credited in FO3"

c.i.b has stated this in his original readme regarding permission:

"These are not mods, these are resources for modder's to use in their mods, you do not need to ask my permission to use them in a mod, but please give me credit for my work if you do use them."

The rest of the models/textures are free to use as long as the proper credit is given with respect to the above mentioned; this means including this files credit section included in your readme with any work released using these resources.

Feel free to include or edit, just give credit for the work provided in your readme.