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Very simple mod to hotkey your backspace key as an on-demand PurgeCellBuffers command.

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I've long been dissatisfied by the lack of stable PCB mods available for Fallout New Vegas. And, while I've hoped that someone more capable than myself would port FO3's fantastic Yet Another Purge Cell Buffers Plugin, that has yet to happen.

So, to combat all that, I've taken my first plunge into New Vegas scripting by putting this simple plugin together. Just place it at the end of your load order and happily use your backspace whenever the dreaded sluggishness begins. It may not be automated, but it's fast, convenient, and (best of all) stable.

Question: What does "purging cell buffers" do exactly?
It clears out the cached data from old visited world cells that you're currently not in. The game engine is supposed to do this on its own but it can sometimes do a very poor job. You'll notice you've got a backlog of old data slowing you down if containers, corpses, vendors take longer than expected to load. It can also cause a major reduction in fps if you've been fast traveling a lot recently.

If you wish to use something besides the backspace key, load up GECK, navigate to Edit->Find text->PCBHotkeyScript, and change the key to what you prefer. A list of key values can be found Here.