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Briefcase Bombs
Version 1.4
by Keleigh3000

PCGamer Mod of the Week for October 6th 2013!

New for v1.4:

Removed the OnDrop block from the script as this was causing the game to CTD whenever a bouncer confiscated a bomb.
Changed the briefcase havesting script so you have to crouch to be given the option menu and made it automatically dump all contents into your inventory when you take the case.
Attached the harvest script to two cases I missed before.


Have you ever wanted to roleplay a terrorist in New Vegas? A spy? Claus von Stauffenberg? Then this mod is for you!

How they work:

1. Buy a schecmatic from Mr. Holdout (or steal them from his briefcase). There's one for dynamite bombs, a more expensive one for nukes. That's right, I said nukes.

2. Build a bomb. You'll need a briefcase (crouch and activate to harvest the briefcase) some vanilla items (dynamite, duct tape, etc. - see the schematic note) and 50 Explosives to build the basic bomb. You'll need 70 Explosives plus the Mad Bomber perk (GRA required) for the high yield variant, and 90 plus the perk for the nuke. You heard me, nuke.

3. Carry your briefcase when you go to meet your target (they are added to the holdout list) and equip it. When you close your Pip-Boy a menu will appear with the timer settings. Select 'Cancel' to cancel, or set the timer to your desired safety margin. The briefcase will automatically drop and the time will start.


4. Walk away. Quickly.

5. ???

6. Profit.


I am aware that the briefcase jumps a little when the timer is activated. I don't know how to fix this. Please don't meantion it unless you do. In that case, I'm very interested in what you have to say.

If anything else doesn't seem like it's working the way it's supposed to or should, leave a post on the Nexus page or PM me. I'll see what I can do.


Fallout New Vegas
Gun Runners Arsenal DLC


Just extract K3KBriefcaseBomb.esp and K3KBriefcaseBomb.bsa into your FNV data directory. Make sure the ESP is checked in your load order, and you're good to go.
Or you can just use NMM or FOMM. It's all good.


If you installed manually, just delete K3KBriefcaseBomb.esp and K3KBriefcaseBomb.bsa from your data folder.
If used FOMM or NMM, just deactivate.


To one crazy dream for the idea.
To Black Ilse and Interplay for the universe.
To Bethesda and Obsidian for it's continuation.
To Blender and Nifskope for the tools.
To The 3rd Type and DekoMan91 for the briefcase icon.
To Mrs3k for the chili size.

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