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Because your not too old for teddies really :) NEW optional voiced version available from the author of Niner

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Mod review made by MCDofficial showing Rusty in-game, along with the Milton and Hans mod by BrotherShogo :)

And another vid made by Misalen showing the voiced version of Rusty (at 1:30 into the video)

Adds a new unique companion to the game, who comes complete with his own toy arsenal.
There are two main files, one is fully voiced which gives more of a personality reminiscent to that from the film Ted (which was my thinking when making this) so be prepared for a bit of bad language from him ;)
He levels with the player, starting at lv.8 with a cap of lv.40.
Rusty is set to be essential and will not die.
Choose between ranged attack where Rusty will use his custom automatic BB sub-machinegun, or melee where he uses his Rattle weapon which does bonus limb damage (meaning he's adept at crippling bipeds) and exploding frag ball grenades. Note: His weapons cannot be taken from him, only used by him.
Comes with a fully functional companion wheel.
Rusty will also make use of your Lucky 38 home if you request it...I strongly recommend acquiring the suite first though.
The vanilla teddy skin was a little too low-res for me so I improved it, from 256x256 to 1024x1024 with greater detail and normal map
Rusty's combat armour uses the vanilla texture so will work with any texture replacer...unless I decide to edit this in an update.
You can find Rusty at Novac in his little cutom built home, which he will return to when dismissed for any reason.


Place the bsa and esp in the data folder
Future Plans
A Fallout 3 version
Better custom weapons
More companion features
Maybe a better home for Rusty
gorow333 for Monster Costumes
Mishaxhi for the voiced version
Please leave any feedback on the mod page, and if you have suggestions for improvement or would like to assist in making him better don't hesitate to let me know :)