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JO Poses
by jonas

A collection of useful poses, pair poses, and object poses for screenshots and storytelling.

NEW IN VERSION 6: jodrapedsheet(01-02); jomartinistand04; jomodelwalk(01-03); jolounging(02-04); joluggage; jodoorlean; joguitar01; jobass01; josinger(01-04); jomcpup(01-06); jowalkinglook; jokneeling05; jopair45-50; jocenterfold07

****** File Description ************

This file adds a number of pose types, including some object poses and pair poses, largely geared around providing some utilitarian poses for storytelling. As a long-time screenshooter, comic creator, and writer, I've found that there were a number of things lacking in the pose community, and having recently learned how to make object poses, I thought I could fill a couple of needs. The first was chair poses that did not involve having to reposition NPCs. I've made object poses that include chairs with the sitting animation, so it's now just a matter of entering in one pose and placing the seated NPC, chair and all. The second major need I found was for basic running and walking poses. Posing NPCs or the PC in walking or running can be a tedious task if you're relying on in-game AI, and there were very few poses that really looked like natural running or walking. I've made a few of each to use.

Also as of V3 my poses have been supplemented by a large catalog created by my friend and fellow modder/storyteller AngelenesDream.  There are about 135 of their poses in all, that I have done some fixing work to (rotating, positioning, ref cleaning) and nothing else.  I will support these along with my own, so pass a word of thanks to him, but all questions should be directed to me.

V4 adds a large number of pair poses, more object poses, in addition to a number of creature poses for dogs and supermutants.

I will add new poses as I continue to make them, and as I'm in the middle of a huge comic project, I suspect that I will continue to make quite a number of them.

I've uploaded my up-to-date pose creation tutorial, that covers regular poses, pair poses, object poses, and instructions on how to create your own pose doll.

****** Installation and Usage ***********

I will not provide NMM support, as I do not use it and don't know enough about it to do so. To install, download and unzip the file. Inside the main folder is a Data file. This needs to be placed in and merged with your existing Game Data file. By default install, the file tree is: C://program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/fallout new vegas/data

Drop the Data folder in so it merges, and allow for all merges or overwrites. In FOMM, NMM or the Data Launcher, enable the joposes esp.

To uninstall, find and delete the following folders and files.
joposes.esp, in the main data file
joobjects mesh and texture folders, under data/meshes/jonasclothes/joobjects -- and data/textures/jonasclothes/joobjects
joposes folder, under data/meshes/characters/_male/idleanims/joposes

In the same vein as NMM, I do not use or have the ability to update the Groovatron, but I fully support these poses being included in that mod, should someone else be willing to make the effort.

To use the poses, the console code is "playidle XXXXXX" where "XXXXXX" is the appropriate pose code. Please refer to the pictorial archive included with this pack for the individual poses. Rather than make a list (a01, a02, etc.), I've gone with more organic names, because that's the way my mind works.


For giggles, because I had made them, I've included two outfits for outfit-specific poses (jobikinipull and jodisrobe) The poses probably look fine if not wearing the outfit, but the outfits are fit to the poses, so look a little strange on their own.   the suitcase containing them has been moved downstairs to the Casino Floor of the Lucky 38, on the counter in front of the check-in desk.


I have uploaded a tweaked version of Backsteppo's original pose doll and pulled down my own, because it seemed to have a couple glitches.  I've done some tweaking on the original so that you do not have to reposition it to add anim objects into the pose, and made my various necessary changes such as deleting the weapon bone and the keyfile data.  I've also changed the End Text Key setting so that it exports as 9999, so you don't have to change it in nifskope.

Console code TFIK is helpful for eliminating foot collision, which may make the objects in the object poses line up improperly. TLIK likewise disables the NPC look functions, which is helpful to maintain the integrity of the pair poses.

For the pair poses reference the starting picture to figure out actor placement, and make sure that all actors are facing in exact directions (either towards or away from each other), to ensure that they line up properly. Recommend utilizing the axis movements post-posing to fine tune.
(getpos x, y, z; setpos x, y, z)


The pair poses may clip in different bodies.  A lot of my earlier poses were made around breezes and the type3 baseHD body models (up to pair12).  After that, I switched over to roberts and an aliceberry body released by chunchunmaru, available here: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57657/?

The poses may clip a bit if you use different bodies. Probaby still workable in 97% of the cases, but there you go.  I'm NOT redoing them to other bodies.The jobikinitop pose also uses textures from that mod, so you might as well download it.  Particularly if you want matching bikini bottoms.  :P

Backsteppo, who's tutorial I referenced, and who's rigged skeleton was very helpful in getting started.  AngelenesDreams, for all of the AD Poses.
Nexus user MissusMarler, who got an early start on the pose making process, and has helped me with some troubleshooting from time to time.
Chunchunmaru, for the resources mentioned.  
Rexus and Worminator for their characters in the centerfolds
Umpa for the instrument resources
Ajax120 for the motorcycle body for the pinups