Fallout New Vegas
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Just a quick mod causing Nuka Cola to have a -15 dehydration effect in hardcore mode instead of +10 I also just added a SS patch as well

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This is just my first mod I was experimenting around in the G.E.C.K trying to learn how to mod when I remembered how Nuka Cola made you thirsty. So I decided to fix this because it always annoyed me how I get thirsty from drinking soda.

I discovered one bug recently I explain it down below, but let me know if you find any other problems.
- The only problem I discovered is if you uninstall it it goes to an effect of +30, sorry but I'm currently unsure of how to fix it so if anyone knows how let me know and I'll get working on it. (If you go one a save before you installed this or a new game without this installed you wont have this problem.

To install just place the .esp in your New Vegas data folder.

(In case you are wondering it only ads 2 rads instead of 3 because of my character's RAD resistance)

I also added a file for Sunset Sarsaparilla as well as a separate file, an effect of -25 H2O

Now supports Iced Nuka Cola instead of a bonus of -15 H2O it now supplies -25 H2O