SWAT Tactical Gear and MP5A4 by Raclopride
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Last updated at 22:26, 16 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 23:22, 2 Sep 2013

Thanks to all for making this a hot file!
As per requests, I added some optional files:
- A version where the SWAT Gear is medium armour.
- A NCR Replacement version for NCR troopers. I tried to match the gear with the type of NCR outfit that was being replaced. Also, I replaced the service rifle with a much weaker version of the MP5A4 to try to match the same DPS.

Version 1.2:
- Added SWAT Outfit with Mag Pouches
- Added SWAT Tactical Googles

Version 1.1:
- Added a Silenced Version of MP5A4 to the SWAT Locker
- Fixed error of MP5A4 being moddable

Basically this mod is a mishmash of several popular New Vegas mods that I created for myself to try to replicate the look of SWAT officers. All credit goes to those fine individuals who created such awesome mods.

Included in this mod:
- HK MP5A4 With Optional Silencer (model from ZL Armaments, Taclight foregrip and silencer model from Exciter HK MP5 Mini Pack)
- SWAT Outfit (modified version of Dragonskin armor, male and female)
- SWAT Outfit with Mag Pouches (model from Dragonskin armor, male and female)
- SWAT Helmet (model from JoOs MODERN Armory)
- SWAT Googles (model from JoOs MODERN Armory)
- SWAT Balaclava (model from Dragonskin armor)
- SWAT Gloves (model from TGs Armor Collection)
- SWAT Tactical Gear (model from TGs Armor Collection)
- SWAT Neck Wrap (To cover any neck clipping issues)
- Flashbangs

All the gear and weapons are located within a locker in the Camp Searchlight Police Station. If you're desperate to get there fast type
"coc campsearchlightpolicestation" in the console.

I've always wanted to have a flashlight on my gun in New Vegas, and this was the best idea I had. Basically, if you download Flashlight NVSE, set all distances to far, and equip the misc. flashlight, the light source will look like it is coming from the MP5. As an optional file, I have included a modified flashlightNSVE.esp that will spawn a misc. flashlight in a locker beside the SWAT locker. Also, I changed the neutral light from a yellowish colour to a bright white colour. FLASHLIGHT NVSE IS STILL REQUIRED. Also, if it is your first time using Flashlight NVSE, you have to equip one of the other flashlights in the mod before the misc. flashlight will work.

I didn't like the flashbangs in the DLC The Lonesome Road, so I made some custom ones here. To simulate being stunned by a flashbang, any enemies in the blast radius will get knocked over. This is your one warning, they are loud!!

Recommended Mods:
Here is a list of some mods that fit well with mine:
- Flashlight NVSE (for your flashlight)
- AKs and AR15s Weapons Pack (has great replacement 2 hand automatic animations)
- Gas Masks of the World (gas masks should not have any clipping problems with this mod)

1. Extract the Meshes, Textures, Sound, and .esp and place them in your New Vegas Data folder.
2. Make sure the .esp is enabled in your launcher.
3. Bang and clear!

Thank you again for your awesome mods that allowed me to create this one.
SWAT Outfit and Balaclava - Created by Antistar in the mod Dragonskin Tactical Outfit
SWAT Helmet and SWAT Googles - Created by JackoO in the mod JoOs MODERN Armory
SWAT Gloves and SWAT Gear - Created by TG (thatguy10) in the mod TGs Armor Collection for New Vegas
HK MP5A4 - Created by zealotlee in the mod ZL Armaments - A Wasteland Arsenal
MP5A4 Taclight Foregrip and Silencer - Created by Exciter_GB in the mod Exciter HK MP5 Mini Pack
FlashlightNVSE.esp - Created by vivanto in the mod Flashlight NVSE

You'll have to contact the other mod authors to get permission to use anything from my mod, and don't worry about crediting me for anything.