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Well now as this Method/Mod is re-open with complete review and approval by "moderator" , after hmmhmm ....... what ever happen before its close down (which detail you can read in discussion tab) .

So in short if you are facing any crash due to limited memory usage of Fallout New Vegas engine which prevent you to add heavy mods like texture pack and other overhaul mods , where you start getting random CTD (Crash to Desktop) then you can get rid of those crashes by applying this method , it simply break the limit of fallout new vegas ram usage which is around 1-2 gb (nothing less , nothing more) in other words its just an alternative of 4GB launcher even better then 4GB launcher , because 4GB Launcher can only increase the limit of Fallout engine to 4gb where this method increase its ram usage limit to total of your system ram .

And its just one time process where you need to modified the files at once and you may get crash free gaming without any launcher or any thing else (but you must know what are you doing and use it at your won risk , simple and clear) and i will not gona entertain any queries or any error any more (where only Google have all your answers and i am not Google , so sorry) , so if you had any issue with this method kindly don't come up with it here and if it works for you then kindly endorse .

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"A picture is worth a thousand words" ;)

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Well this method is not made by me originally , i got it from some old Fallout 3 database which uploaded back then by some one (as i don't have its original author detail) and just a little help for those whom are facing steam error (which i will not gona entertain at all , but a little hint to get over this steam error code) read this two thread to get the idea that where and how this steam error come from (so you may able to correct it) :