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Fixes a few continuity Errors between the Assassin Suit and the Stealth Suit Mk II like armor type and weight.
Requires Dead Money and Old World Blues. Obviously.

Permissions and credits
This is just a small mod I made for myself that changes the Assassin suit and Stealth Suit Mk II in the following ways to better synchronize their stats.
There are two version; a light armor version and a medium armor version. Only pick one.

Assassin Suit:
-Name changed to Stealth Suit Mk I
Steath Suit Mk II:
-Changed to light armor
-Weight reduced by five to match Assassin Suit

Assassin Suit:
-Name changed to Stealth Suit Mk I
-Changed to Medium Armor
-Weight Increased by five

DT and price values are identical for both by default and so remain the same.
This mod is entirely compatible with HornedReaper's OWB Stealth Suit Bigfixes mod and Daftcnut's Speed Fix, as well as any retextures.

Light armor version requires Dead Money and Old World Blues DLCs.
Latest medium armor version requires only Dead Money.
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