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Last updated at 5:15, 16 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 8:56, 3 Aug 2013

New to version 1.11:

01. Added Cross Mod Communication functionality. Now other mods can detect the presence of Rita's Cafe without the need for NVSE.
02. Changed the Car in the wall to look less damaged.
03. Tweaked the Roombounds to be a bit more efficient.
04. Added some light FX to the outside lights.
05. Added advertising for the "Freeside Arms Dealer" mod. Only shows up if it is also installed.
06. Added advertising for my upcoming mod "Freeside Hotel."

New to version 1.10:

01. Added some missions. Bounties, Pickup supplies, find lost items. More mission to come in future releases.
02. Glass pitcher and drinking glass now have transparency.
03. Building exterior windows now light up at night.
04. Fixed mistake where table one's menu was upside down.
05. Waitresses will now take your order when you sit at a booth.
06. Bartender will now greet you when you sit on a barstool.
07. Dialog now works properly in both the ESP and ESM version of the mod.
08. Some of the dinner plates and now grouped into one mesh reduce strain on the Havok engine.
09. Fixed the lights on the bathrooms.
10. Fixed planter meshes
11. Fixed food order bag collision mesh. (Now you don't need to point in specific areas for it to work).
12. Added a map marker.
13. Garbage controband and notice. (If you leave items in the garbage bins they will be thrown out. If you want them back you will need to buy them back from the bartender).
14. Fixed Outside table collision mesh.
15. Added new custom napkin dispensers to tables.
16. Added new custom "Bathrooms" sign
17. Jerry the Punk will now visit Rita's Café at night if you have completed the mission "Cry me a river"
18. Sammy Weathers will now visit Rita's Café at night if you have freed her from Cottonwood Cove.
19. Some of the "Local" customers will now go to sleep outside at night.
20. You can now hire a King's Gang Member as a bodyguard from the Café.
21. Reduced idle chatter between waitresses.
22. Food menu now shows player current caps and bill on all pages.
23. Introduced a Rita's Café reputation. (Currently has no uses).
24. You now get rewarded for spending large amounts of money.
25. Added correct north direction to café interior.
26. Minor bug fixes.
27. Brahmin burger mesh now has a reduced number of verticies.
28. Outside lights timings have been altered.
29. Drinks list is now in alphabetical order.
30. Plus more undocumented additions and fixes.

New to version 1.03:

1. The mod now comes in two version .ESP and .ESM. So you can now make your own mods for the café if you use the ESM version. You can add your own missions, characters, food, go nuts.
2. An outdoor table and chairs have been added to make the place look more alive.
3. A billboard has been added to the roof.

Note. The outdoor chairs are persistent references. I have not used them for anything, but I think that having them as references in the master file should make for more compatibility with future mods to the café.

ESM version requires "FNVD_Ritas_Cafe_ESM_Helper.esp" to be installed too. This file removes the two dumpsters and the wooden boards from in front of the building. It seems ESMs can't remove objects in the render window.
DO NOT USE "FNVD_Ritas_Cafe_ESM_Helper.esp" unless you are also using the ESM version.

New to version 1.02:

1. Nothing, just a compatibility bug fix for NMM.

New to version 1.01:

1. The Café now has lights outside. The lights are turned on between 6PM and 5AM.
2. Graffiti can now be found in the bathrooms.
3. Bloatfly Sliders are no longer available to order. They have been replaced by the new Brahmin Burger.
4. Old food order bags will now be removed from tables when leaving the Café

Name: Rita's Café

Author: FalloutNVDefault

Description: Adds "Rita's Café" to Freeside. Located near Tapper.
You can buy drinks from the bartender using the normal "barter" method, order food and drinks from the Café menu, and even sit on the toilet.

ESM Version:
Paste "FNVD_Ritas_Cafe.esm", "FNVD_Ritas_Cafe_ESM_Helper.esp", "meshes", "textures", and "Sound" folders into "fallout new vegasData"
If you are using also running Freeside Open: You WILL need "Ritas(esm)-FSO-CP.esp" (available in the Optional Files section) and will NOT need "FNVD_Ritas_Cafe_ESM_Helper.esp".

ESP Version:
Installation: Paste "FNVD_Ritas_Cafe.esp", "meshes", "textures", and "Sound" folders into "fallout new vegasData"
If you are using also running Freeside Open: You WILL need "Ritas(esp)-FSO-CP.esp" (available in the Optional Files section).

Conflicts: None known.

Requirements: None.

Questions and Answers:

Q. What is this Cross Mod Communication you speak of?
A. Look here at my upcoming Freeside Hotel mod. I explain it in detail there: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/54573/

Q. Shouldn't this place have been in the expansions?
A. Yup.

Q. How do I order food?
A. Walk over to a booth and click on the menu. Select the foods and drinks you want then select finish ordering. Your order can then be found on the table.

Q. I hear Rita's pies are outta this world, does Rita sell pies?
A. Yes, She sells Nuka Pies, along with a lot of other food.

Q. Will you ever make an IMPS compatibility patch?
A. Yes, one day.

Q. Does the food ever run out?
A. No, ordered food will always be available. Even if you order 1000 pies you can still order another 1000.

Q. How much does the food cost?
A. All food items costs are unaffected by barter skill. Their cost is the default value that is in The Geck (except when purchased from the bartender). Nuka-Cola has a 20 caps base value, this base value is what is used in the menu prices and is not affected by your barter skill.

Q. Your mod sucks.
A. That's not really a question.

Q. Do I need archiveinvalidation turned on?
A. Yes as it does have some custom meshes and textures.

Q. Does this mod need NVSE?
A. No, but it is compatible with it.

Q. Does this mod work with mods that merge the two sides of Freeside?
A. Yes. Download the optional Open Freeside patch for the appropriate version and set your load order correctly and it should work.

Q. Is this compatible with NVInteriors.
A. Yes, I believe I am running the lastest build of NVInteriors and this does NOT interfere with it.

Q. I still don't know what this mod does, can you tell me?
A. Try Looking at the screenshots.

Q. Would you consider releasing this as an .esm file for the community to make their on mods for?
A. Yes, and I have. I encourage other to make mods for this mod and every mod.

Q. If I make my own .ESP mod for this mod do I have to credit you?
A. Nah, it would still need this one as a master anyway.

Q. Will you allow other to add content to the mod?
A. Of course. Submit you extra content to me and I'll incorporate it into the mod and give you credit where credit is due.

Q. What does FNVD mean?
A. That's an abbreviation of my Nexus account FalloutNVDefault.

Q. That's a stupid account name, why did you pick it?
A. Why did you pick yours?

Note. This mod, like all my other mods, was made for the Disc Version of New Vegas. Does this cause issues, I'm not sure yet.