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Bomb Collar: No longer detonatable by radios/No messages and Beeping Cloud: No damage in toxic clouds/No screen blur/No damage taken in hardcore

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One reason I, and I'm sure many others, love Fallout: New Vegas is the fact that you can explore everything and find the mysteries and wonders placed there by developers. Once Dead Money released, I was excited to pull off the "Heist of the Century" and explore the legendary Sierra Madre. Once there, I was extremely disappointed to find that there were gimmicks put in place to restrict exploration. While I enjoy the idea of being dropped into a foreign place totally unprepared and without any equipment, the Bomb Collar and Toxic Cloud are by far the two most unnecessary, and annoying gimmicks ever used in a Fallout game, a sentiment I have found many others agree with. Thus, this mod.

This mod does two things:

1.) It totally removes the script for the bomb collar being detonated by radioes. This means that no radio will be able to detonate your collar, allowing you to free roam the Madre without any fear of your head being blown off. It also removes the annoying beeping and corner messages, adding immersion in my opinion. One thing still present is the radio interference sound that plays when near a radio and, as it is rather unnoticeable, I decided to not pursue its deletion and left it as a reminder to the previous lethality of the Madre.

2.) It totally removes the script for the toxic clouds. No longer will the concentrated clouds give you damage. Similarly, in hardcore mode, simply being outside will no longer damage you. Corner messages are removed, as well as the annoying screen blur.

Now, go and explore the Sierra Madre to your hearts\' content! Discover her secrets, and pull of the "Heist of the Century!"

Yes I am aware there are other mods that do this, but no others not only remove the effects AND the messages, beeping and screen blur.

Yes I am aware this "neuters" this DLC but I think it's a lot funner being able to explore everything without care. If you disagree, don't download.

Credits to Bethesda/Obsidian for publishing/making Fallout: New Vegas and Dead Money

Please report any bugs or things I've missed in a PM or in the comments.