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This mod removes the conversation in which Arcade will scold the player for working with the Legion, making it possible for players already with the Legion to keep Arcade as a companion.

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This mod removes the conversation in which Arcade will leave the Courier if they are working for the Legion. He may still approach as he would before he dismisses the Courier, however his dialogue will be a regular greeting and he will no longer leave.

This mod only works if used before you are dismissed, and will not work if Arcade has already dismissed you.

N.B. If you are already with the legion you will need to wear NCR faction armor upon the initial recruiting, however you only need to do this procedure once, as you can recruit Arcade with or without the armor later on, and it is not needed once he is your follower.

This mod shouldn't clash with any mod relating to recruiting Arcade after completing For Auld Lang Syne, and so long as you dismiss Arcade before finishing Auld Lang Syne, he should still follow you if you convince the Remnants to side with the Legion.