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A small mobile housing mod.

Permissions and credits
The update REQUIRES a "clean save". Be sure to remove all of your items from the 1.4 version and store them in another safe place, then save. Remove mod, load the game and save again, then install the 1.5 version of MTB. Not doing so may result in glitches and/or lost items due to many things being changed in the update.

Version 1.51 fixes known reported bugs. Latest Version. If updating from version 1.5 there is no need for a clean save.

Version 1.51 changes: Changed the kitchen sink to vanilla to work with bottled water mods.
Changed interior Van(only) walls to neutral color for those wanting to change exterior colors and not have a green interior.
Fixed Camp Caravan typo.
Fixed missing dash issue for those effected.
Fixed Crate Truck window issue.
Set up files to be installed with NMM or Manually.

XRECars!Addon Camper Truck with similar interior and features available here:

Mobile Truck Base

1 new vehicle - The Crate-Truck and 2 version of each vehicle

The Non-Sortomatic versions only requires base game

The Sortomatic versions mod requires the following:
NVSE to work.(For the Sortomatic Version)
Sortomatic 1.3
** There is now also a readme for the finer points and nuances of using Sortomatic 1.3 located on the download page under the optional files section. If you have any questions or are wanting to use sortomatic to the fullest extent, please read the readme before leaving a comment.


This adds a purchase able truck to Gibson Scrapyard that serves as a mobile player
base. As of now there are 23 selected locations to travel to if you have discovered them
(subject to change if requested). The usual items found in a player home crammed into the
back of a truck/van. Area is small but will accommodate two people.
Do not store any items you want to keep in the garbage can (Crate Truck Only). It is set to respawn in hopes that it will clear out the trash.

Mojave Outpost
188 Trading Post
Grub n' Gulp Rest Stop
Gun Runners
Crimson Caravan
Westside Pawn Shop
Red Rock Canyon
Hidden Valley
Northern Passage
Mojave Drive-In
Canyon Wreckage
Boulder City
Boulder Beach Campground
Inside Camp McCarran
Cottonwood Cove
Bittersprings Recreation Area


Adds a mobile player home.


Gibson's Scrapyard


Version V1.5

  • Changed model of Van and added an optional Container Truck model for a little more space
  • and headroom
  • added locations. Boulder City, Boulder Beach Campground, inside Camp McCarran,
  • Bittersprings Recreation Area, and Cottonwood Cove
  • Changed some containers and added a couple more. Changed crafting stove.
  • Fixed ED-E getting stuck in Van's Roof
  • Added optional sortomatic function that will require Sortomatic 1.3
  • Changed fuel source to flamer fuel that will draw the fuel from its own container instead
  • of player inventory
  • Changed entrance to the rear door
  • Added a safe in Old Lady Gibson Building that will add a key if Old Lady Gibson was killed.

Please leave comments of any bugs or issues and I will fix asap.Thanks


REQUIRES CLEAN SAVE if upgrading from version 1.4

Known Issues and Bugs

  • While sitting in the driver seat, using the GPS to Fast Travel will cause you to stand. I
  • can't find a way to fix this, if someone can tell me how, please leave a comment.
  • Companions can occasionally appear all black. This is NOT a texture glitch, it is a glitch
  • with the way lighting works. To remove the blackness from your companions, simply turn the lights off and then back on and they will appear as they normally do.


None that I know of yet. If you run into any, please leave a comment in the comment

*Any mod that removes fast travel (such as Project Nevada's Fast Travel option) are
compatible, however, I am unsure about mods that remove the Map Markers entirely. If there
are any issues with removed fast travel, please leave a comment in the comment section.


Manual installation

**It is strongly recommened to follow the steps below and use NMM to install the
package as it makes it easier for uninstalling for future updates. If you plan to install
without using an install manager, then make backups of the relevant files in Fallout's Meshes
and Textures folders before installing manually**

Nexus Mod Manager Installation
Out dated. All files available for NMM download.

Step by step to create fomod package for NMM

1. Download

2. Extract Folder

3. Open the esp's folder

4. Choose which version of MTB you wish to use

5. Copy the esp to the included Data folder

6. Select the esp and all three folders, then create an archive with any of the following
extentions .7z , .rar , .zip, or .fomod.

7. Open with NMM and install

8. Place MTB near to the or at the bottom of your load order to avoid any potential conflicts
with other mods.

9. Play!

**Optional Textures and Meshes for Van (ONLY)**
Out dated. All files available for NMM download.

1. Download

2. Extract Folder

3. Make a backup of the included Data folder

4. Open "Optional Van ONLY mesh_textures" folder

5. Chose color scheme and open folder

6. find the meshes and textures folder, then copy them to the original data folder and

7. Open the esp's folder

8. Choose which version of MTB Van (only) that you wish to use (basic or sortomatic)

9. Copy the esp to the included Data folder

10. Select the esp and all three folders, then create an archive with any of the following
extentions .7z , .rar , .zip, or .fomod.

11. Open with NMM and install

12 Place MTB near to the or at the bottom of your load order to avoid any potential conflicts
with other mods.

13. Play!

Manual Uninstallation

Simply remove the MTB.esp file and associated Meshes and Textures and Sound folders

Nexus Mod Manager Uninstallation

Simply open the mod manager and unstall the fomod package.

Tools Used:

Extra Tools Used


Winrar (7zip can be used to extract)


Go to Gibson's Scrapyard very close to Novac to the north. Walk to the truck until
you get a pop-up, then go talk to Old Lady Gibson and ask her about the truck. Pay the
required caps, and you now own the MTB.

Mod Dependencies

Legal and Licensing

Before you use the content first contact me and ask for permission

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