Fallout New Vegas

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Exactly what it sounds like...

Permissions and credits
This mod is actually roughly… two years old, but due to contract terms with Jeux I was unable to release it until now. My contract expired once he stopped development of Radiant Flux as can be seen here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/radiant-flux; and also when I lost contact with Jeux/Jereme and have since been unable to confirm or deny existing orders. So, I have decided to release my underwater distopic city for people to use in their own mods; codenamed “Rapture.” If you are unable to figure out the videogame symbolism with the mods name then you will be required to wear a helmet at Supper. :P

The city is fully laid out and glassed in, and you can inspect the design under images. Navmeshing, LOD, and all the other goodies are still required. But, if you want to have a fantasy quest to an underwater city then this is your baby. I also deleted the Grecko-Roman City that I also designed for the project in this esp, but retained the original version in the original esp. It will probably be released in a few weeks. Also, I included the gold plating textures for the buildings in the file, but those textures are not shown in the images. This is because I am lazy and didn’t want to reinstall everything just to take a few pictures for publishing the city. :D

Terms of Usage: Use however you want, but make sure to credit both me and Jeux out of courtesy. No reason to even ask me for it through correspondence (that means mail). Just take it and use it.

Requires: All DLC and New Vegas Esm.