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This mod will add 35 Eyebots to the Mojave Wasteland, each of them broadcasting New Vegas Radio. All Eyebots are set to neutral settings, and they are slightly stronger than their Eastern counterparts. Most of the Eyebots can be found along the roads, public locations, or in certain locations.

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Log Update:
   > v1.0 : (7/10/2013)
      - Original Mod Release
   > v1.1 : (12/30/2015)
      - Renamed all Eyebots to "Broadcast Eyebot"
      - Fixed Eyebot's weapons problem
      - Re-edited Eyebot stats
      - Edited Destruction Data (No more robotic gore, but still explodes)
      - Re-edited Level stats (Will grow stronger as player level ups)
      - Edited "Death Item" drops (Adds items to eyebot's corpse after death)
      - Added "Eyebot Helmet" to "Death Item" drops

Special Thanks To:
luthienanarion, who helped me on correcting my radio broadcasting script. =D

Obsidian Entertainment & Bethesda Softworks, for creating this awesome game...