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Replaces the T51-b and the Brotherhood variant with an Advanced Mark I Armour variant. This is mainly an aesthetics mod using high quality new meshes and textures and makes no stat changes to the T51. Also includes a set of power and tesla armour in a locker outside the entrance to the brotherhood bunker.

Permissions and credits
21-Jul-13 Update

1. Added a tesla variant to the armour.
2. Added BOS decals to the armours
3. Added a locker containing 2 sets of each armour and some power helmets to the room with the Intercomm to let you into the brotherhood bunker.

Good Morning / Evening

I've recently started playing Fallout again and decided to knock myself up a new armour. It came out pretty well so i released it as part of my Enclave Rework (http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/44490/?) give it a try if you like power armour.

I've made a good few power armour mods now, but nothing for the brotherhood.. until now.

1. Mod Description

This mod replaces the existing T51-b armour and the Brotherhood variant with an Advanced Mark 2 Variant from my Enclave mod. It have re-textured it to make it less enclavey. The armour has new meshes released earlier this week as an update for the enclave mod.

As well as looking pretty good (if i do say so myself) the armour has a power helmet that attaches itself to the belt of the armour, when not worn by the player. If you put the helmet on, it disappears from the armour's belt.

This simply replaces the graphics of the armour, it makes no changes to the stats of the T51-b.

2. Installation

Unpack the contents of the data folder into your data folder. Un-installation, delete the esp and files.

3. Bugs

If you are 'not' using a handhelt pipboy mod, your pipboy will clip with the forearm of the armour. It will not prevent you from seeing the screen however so it perfectly usable.

4. Credits:

People without whom this mod would not exist:

Firstly, thanks to CaBaL. Most of the textures in the mod are modifications of his most excellent armour textures http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=39873

Many thanks to dragbody for rigging the Outlander armour model for fallout (this armour can be found in Drags New Armor Pack: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/49170/?)

Thanks to Marcus Dublin for the Outlander model and textures. http://www.marcusdublin.com/OutlanderModelPage.html

5. Permissions

Please contact me before using the mod in any other modfication. I am almost always happy to provide permission, but as this mod uses assets from other users, please notify me so I seek relevet permission where required.

All the best, and enjoy