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Adds a new cell under the schoolhouse in Goodsprings and much more! Includes a new weapon with its own challenge & perk!

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Welcome to the Goodsprings Schoolhouse Cellar!

This mod adds a cellar under the schoolhouse in Goodsprings, as the name may imply, but that's not all.

It also adds the Cap-Sure Ballistic Tranquilizer Delivery System, a scoped pnuematic rifle which fires a variety of custom projectiles, each with a distinctly different effect.

Cellar Features:

  • All the basic amenities ('Well Rested' bed, benches, radio, etc.)
  • Loads of safe storage that works splendidly with mods like Mobile Auto-sorter
  • Fully decorated inside & out
  • Campfire crafting (oven)
  • Infirmary and NV-friendly laboratory
  • Switchable lighting (with a few intentional exceptions)
  • Terminal with an accompanying story that aims to place the cellar within the bounds of lore and location
  • Companion-friendly (fully navmeshed, idles, beds, etc)
  • A (very) short quest to own the cellar

...and more!

Also included today, at no additional cost, is a completely rebuilt-for-FO:NV (and fully operational!) version of my Cap-Sure Tranquilizer Rifle mod, originally for Fallout 3. This beauty is 100% guaranteed to instantly pacify the wasteland's worst denizens, ensuring safe pacifist runs, copious mischief, and hilarious Havok pratfalls and punchline antics.

Cap-Sure Features:

  • Unique models (rifle, ammo, projectiles, impact data)
  • A new craftable chem (Tranquilizer Sedative)
  • 5 distinct craftable ammo types (1 tranquilizer, 4 poison)
  • A find-able schematic that allows all related crafting
  • A new accompanying Challenge ("Darted!") & reward Perk ("Needle in a Haystack") enabling more Syringes than normal
  • Original custom Pip-Boy icons for rifle, ammo & perk


  • Extract the files to a temporary location
  • Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary
  • Copy files to (install folder)\fallout new vegas\Data\
  • Start FOMM, place a checkmark beside the .esp & .esm files
  • Bash the crap out of your patch, if you're into that sort of thing
  • Start Fallout: New Vegas


  • Start FOMM, uncheck the .esp & .esm files
  • Delete the files associated with the mod:

GoodspringsSchoolhouseCellar - Assets.bsa


  • Before upgrading, remove all items from storage
  • Remove yourself (and any followers) to any other nearby interior cell (Docs, Saloon, etc) that is NOT the schoolhouse
  • Save your game
  • Uninstall old version
  • Install new version
  • Bash the crap out of your patch. Again, if you're into that sort of thing
  • Start Fallout: New Vegas


It is entirely possible that this mod could conflict with any other mod that edits locations in Goodsprings (many, I know), including the exterior cells immediately surrounding the rear entrance to the schoolhouse and certainly the interior of the schoolhouse. No other cells are affected by this mod, though, so there's that. Also, possibly any mod which happens to alter the Empty Syringe or its Leveled Item equivalent.

I've added the 'C.Climate' & 'Relev' tags to the mod, for users of Wrye Flash NV, to hopefully alleviate some conflict concerns while using a Bashed Patch made with that utility.

Regarding load order, I would say that my .esm should go somewhere near the bottom of your masters and my .esp can go pretty much anywhere.

Known Issues or Bugs:

The Cap-Sure rifle uses vanilla reload animations. You know this already, though, if you use many custom weapons.

One last thing: I'm including, as a separate download, an archive which contains a replacement mesh and textures for the static object clock01.nif.
In my game, I noticed some odd graphical issues with this mesh after having used it in my cellar and I found the problem to apparently be related to an environmental mask texture, which I omitted. While I was at it, I tweaked the textures (very slightly) and saved them under more appropriate DDS compression settings.
This may just be on my end, though, so this is an optional replacer (not a requirement). It should be installed separately and manually, and only if you find yourself experiencing similar issues with this one mesh.

Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian for creating Fallout: New Vegas.
Thanks to the Nexus sites, for being an exemplary source of mods and for fostering a community that appreciates and encourages them.
Thanks to the Nexus sites' users, for being a great bunch of folks.
Thanks to Nexus member Jojash for help on the forums.
Thanks to many talented modders, whose contributions influenced my own.
Thanks to coffee.

Extra thanks to gunslinger6792 & ArekkusuStorm for testing and many helpful suggestions! They are both truly kings among men.

Tools Used:

NVIDIA Texture Tools for Photoshop
ATI Compressonator
Wrye Flash NV