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== Precision Ballistics and Munitions ======
=========== Fallout New Vegas ==============
== Author: Silvie ===== 29/06/2013 =====
No more hitscan. Real bullets, real ballistics, real precision.

== Installation =
Merge the data folder to your Fallout: New Vegas Data folder.

== Description =
If you hate hitscan, then this is the mod for you. The precision you need, today!

It comes in four components:
Bullet Fixes
No Hitscan
No Tracer
Extra Round

And should be loaded in that order.

'Bullet Fixes' makes some weapons with blatantly incorrect casings use more appropriate custom case models.
For example, the .22 Silenced Pistol will now eject properly sized casings, as will 10mm and 9mm weapons.

Future version will include even more specific casings for every caliber.

'No Hitscan' removes hitscan for every projectile based weapon in the game.
No longer will sniping feel like a laser. You will need to lead and account for bullet drop depending
on the weapon you use. For example, 5.56mm rifle and .308 cal have some of the fastest velocities
in the game, with a flat trajectory to match. In contrast, low powered ammo such as 9mm or .22LR
bullets have much slower muzzle velocities and will thus be harder to hit with at range.

All velocites and gravity coefficients were calculated using real world values for every bullet.
Velocity of real world ammo is rated in feet-per-second, and these were converted to in-game units.

All of this gives the shooting game a more kinetic feel. An added layer of complexity that makes it
much more fun. You feel like you're shooting bullets. Not lasers. The precision you need is here!

'No Tracer' removes all tracers for every projectile. This is for the 'realists' out there, as
no weapon in real life magically spits tracers unless using specially made tracers rounds.

'Extra Rounds' is the counter to 'No Tracer'. It will (coming soon) provide obtainable tracer
ammunition that can make firing weaponry much easier at range. You will be able to see how far
the bullet is dropping, and thus be able to make the proper adjustments to hit the target. It can
also help when firing a gun from the hip (if you have crosshairs disabled!).

At the moment, the mod changes the .50MG incendiary to have a visible tracer and flare. Incendiary
rounds in real life tend to have an active burning component that allows them to be traced in the air.

== NOTES ==

You should load Bullet Fixes (first) and No Hitscan (second). The last two are optional, but
greatly contribute to a realistic feeling when firing automatic weaponry.

Load No Tracer (third) and then Extra Rounds (fourth) if you are choosing to use them.

When firing with projectiles - not lasers - you should be aware of the fact that the projectile
will spawn from the gun's barrel and shoot off outwards to wherever the barrel was pointing at.

The bullet's path will be affected by the weapon's spread, and the sway of the weapon in your hands
when you fire it.

You should not expect the bullet to hit the crosshair dead-on. As such it is better if you disable
the crosshair and instead learn the feel of how each weapon fires on your own.

Rifles tend to be very accurate, and typically have faster muzzle velocities and flatter trajectories
than other weapons.

Because of the way these projectiles work, firing from third person can often be unreliable. Instead,
fire from third person.


This mod was designed on top of MMUE9C and is recommended to be used with it.

First person animation files for 1handed weapons has been included to fix a bug that caused
the animation to spazz out, making projectiles hit the floor instead of the target.

Custom 1st person animations (such as from 'The Professional' mod) should be compatible. Simply
overwrite the file.

You may need to set up Archive Invalidation.


Calculating ballistics and collisions for bullets moving at such tremendous speeds can be very taxing for
older systems. If you encounter issues, you may need to enable vertical sync (to avoid timescale problems)
and your system will probably need to be fast enough to avoid frame dropping (not tested).

Remember to check for conflicts. This mod should be set to override projectile changes set by other mods.


This mod will NOT be compatible with mods that alter projectiles or reference their own.

For example, if you download a mod which include their own ammunition types, those new ammunitions
will not be properly set up to use ballistics.

This mod is intended to be used with a lightly modded vanilla game.

== Ver. history =
- Fixed texture issues.
- Fixed broken GRA antimaterial rifle model.
- Fixed projectile nodes for some weapons.
- Fixed iron sights issue with assault carbine.
- Fixed incorrect references for 5mm ammunition.
- Release!

== Conflict information =
Will conflict with any mod that alters projectiles and some weaponry.