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The Dagger from the anime series: Darker Than Black

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This special customized dagger is property of Hei also known as The Black Reaper and originates from Darker Than Black now brought into Fallout: New Vegas!

This release was a request as it was originally created for Skyrim which can be found here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/35962

Feel free to update this mod if I made a mistake or guide me so I can fix it myself.

You can find this item with random drops by a leveled list and in the general store of Goodspring.
If not you can spawn the dagger by using the following code: 0A000ADE (The first two numbers are dynamic, it depends on how the addon is loaded.)

- Value: 800
- Health: 100 (depends on leveled list)
- Weight: 1
- Base Damage: 28
- Base VATS To-Hit Chance: 12
- Action Points: 12
- Critical Damage: 36
- Critical Multiplier: 2

Rafaël De Jongh: Modeling, Uv-Mapping, Baking, Texturing, Shaders, Compile
Yogensia: UV-Edits, Baking Help, Texturing
Naky: Throwing Knife Version, Various ESP improvements

Millenia: Compiling Help



Thanks to the help of Naky we managed to bring you the following new features:

- Added new throwing dagger variant
- Added new throwing weapon to the leveled lists script
- Added the dagger and the throwing dagger to the appropriate perks, holdout, and other weapon lists in the script
- Added statics for potential display use
- Blood now properly shows up on the dagger
- Throwing <-> Melee recipes
- Creation weapon recipes made

These were various things that were requested and things that I couldn't do myself but are now included in this 2.0 version release so I hope you enjoy it and a huge shoutout to Naky for all the trouble with this release!