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My mic is pretty quiet my regular one broke so I have to use an old one till I get a new one. This review isnt really in depth im sure someone will come and make a better review to go on the page at some point though. Lots of uhms and ahs too, im not good at normal people things, like speaking.


This mod adds 8 new weapons made from scratch to the wasteland. They can be bought from Alexander at the 188 Rest Stop or for lazy people like me you can get them in a footlocker propped up against a fridge in Victors shack Goodsprings.

Weapons Added

All weapons have their own Pipboy icons and sounds.

PPS-43 - Mods = Maintened Parts
Lee Enfield No 2 Mk 1 Revolver
Sterling SMG - Mods = Patchett Magazines and Silencer
MAS 49/56 - Mods = Heatshield, Scope and Extended Mags
Owen Gun
Volkssturmgewehr - Originally created for Gamebanana Historical weapons contest
Madsen SMG - Mods = Silencer
Sten SMG

I primarily made these weapons to improve my texture skills, but making a pack has been nothing but hassle so in future I will be doing individual releases for my weapons. I hope you enjoy playing with them as much as I enjoyed making them though!


Drop the data folder into you New Vegas directory, mine is..
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas

Then click yes to merge folders.



Volksturmgewehr - Model/UV/Texture - Originally created for Gamebanana Historical weapons contest
Madsen - Model/UV/Texture
PPS43 - Model/UV/Texture
Sterling - Model/UV/Texture
Sten - Model/UV/Texture
MAS - Model/UV/Texture
Owen - Texture
Enfield - Texture


Enfield - Model/UV


Owen - Model/UV


Enfield - Conversion


Pipboy Icons for all weapons


For this mod I wont be allowing any re-uploading of my work to any other sites or use of my work in your mods. Translations of the esp are fine but you may not redistribute my models and textures. Please respect this. If you PM the answer is likely no.