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Adds the weapon \"Spitfire\'s Thunder\" from Fallout: Equestria to the Wasteland. Now complete with custom model! -=This version will no longer be supported; newer developments will be in a separate mod=-

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-=[ATTENTION: This mod is no longer supported. Any updates/changes/additions will be done to a separate Spitfire's Thunder in a (hopefully) future weapon pack.]=-

Before I continue, two things to be addressed:

1) Yes, this is pony-related, so if you don't appreciate or tolerate ponies, bronies, or what they represent, simply tap your backspace key once, and continue on your merry way.

2)This is far from perfect, but it is all I can accomplish with my current abilities, programs, and time. I originally created this for personal use, but since I have seen only one other uploaded (and with no unique textures), I thought I should upload it here for others that may want to use/improve it.

UPDATE #3: The custom model is here! I've taken some liberty arranging the part, but it is still similar enough to the concept; after all, we are not ponies. DerpyCatfish's texture is the default one, the original orange can be found in the texture folder. Comes with its own suppressor mod-kit. There is a slight clipping issue with the stock and thumb placement, but no more than what you'd expect from the vanilla weapons. The new version is NOT compatible with older versions, however. If you wish to use the new model, kindly uninstall the previous mod before installing this one. If you are unsure about where the data is, DATA->Meshes/Textures->Weapons->SpitfiresThunder.

EDIT 7/6/13: Well, I figure if anyone is still interested in what I'm doing, they'll probably be checking here. I've started on a custom model for this, but in slightly bigger news, I'm planning to try and release a pack of Fallout: Equestria weapons. Hooray...?

UPDATE #2: By request, all three rifles now support the standard GRA weapon mod-kits. Also, the fire-rates are now increased (as they were originally intended).

Still no custom model. I've been trying to play around Blender and NifSkope, but they are very different from my old engineering software, so it's taking a while to learn.

UPDATE #1: A third version of the rifle has been added. Thanks to DerpyCatfish for the new texture and normal map.

No custom model yet, sorry.

As above, this simply adds the unique weapon "Spitfire's Thunder" from Fallout: Equestria to the Mojave Wasteland. As an expedient, it is placed in front of the cross at the Yangtze Memorial.

What is this "Spitfire's Thunder" you speak of?

Named after the famous Wonderbolt Spitfire, Spitfire's Thunder is a powerful, unique heavy anti-machine rifle manufactured by Ironclad Industries. It was acquired by Littlepip and wielded by Calamity during their travels throughout the Equestrian Wasteland. The rifle had a flame-styled filigree, a custom bit, deep citrines imbedded in the barrel, and built-in gems/talismans that absorbed the recoil of the massive weapon. This would allow a pegasus to use the weapon and not get knocked off course by the recoil.

*Outdated* Why two versions?

Because while I was experimenting around with textures in GECK, and it turns out the brush gun texture kind-of fit the anti-materiel rifle. A little editing of the blatantly obvious (and easily locatable/correctable) errors, and that became the first version of what I imagined Spitfire's Thunder to look like. Then I found a (what may be a concept) drawing of the weapon, and tried to edit the original texture to look somewhat similar, to what is now the other (and I assume most canon-like) version.

You mentioned it's imperfect. What are the problems?

The major one --> The enchanted gems are supposed make the recoil negligible. However, since "recoil" in Fallout is (as far as I know) completely done by animation, which I don't/can't mess with, it has been substituted by a decreased spread, slightly faster fire-rate, and higher damage per shot.

The texture is somewhat simplistic.

It may be too dark.

I know nothing about editing/creating normal maps, so this uses the standard map with "holes" cut where the gems are in the barrel.

The filigree is supposed to be of flames, but since I am incapable of creating them, the filigree is a cut-and-paste job from the brass-modded brush gun.

The gems look very flat; they don't quite "pop" like they should. (This goes back to the normal map...)

Other things, I'm sure...

*Slight clipping issue with the thumb placement, but nothing major.


This should be able to be handled by FOMM's package manager just fine, but if you'd rather do so, manual install is simple; just unzip and copy into Data, check the esp., you know the drill.


Shouldn't be any conflicts, except maybe those that alter the Yangtze Memorial.

*Using the newest version with the data from older versions WILL conflict. Uninstall the old mod before updating.


GIMP 2.8
*Blender 2.4.9

If there are any problems, I apologise, and ask that you message me the troubles you are having/finding with the mod.

And if you happen to wonder of it, Dash McStarley and PraetorTiberius are the same person (me).